Anna – historic small town


Have you ever been to Anna before? It is a little idyllic nest and a beautiful destination with wonderful water architecture. The name “Anna” has a prehistoric origin and it means “source”. In fact, water is Anna’s biggest asset. The city provides a complex network of canals and reservoirs, and water flows through all of them. Anna is a quiet city, where it seems the time has stopped. It is only a few meters away from downtown and is ten-minute’ walk away from a natural source. You can refresh or relax in the diving platform beautifully built in the middle of nature.Torrevieja-Anna-212

A special place of interest in Anna is the Palace of the Counts of Cervelló. This palace dates from the seventeenth century; however the first evidence of the construction goes back to the year 1244. In the early seventeenth century, the palace was constructed from the remains of a castle. Since then the palace has been restored many times, but people have tried to keep the same style. The palace of the Counts of Cervelló is currently an amazing attraction that offers a lot of options to its visitors. You can find an ethnological museum here that counts with antique utensils of the craftsmen of Anna. In addition, you can visit the water museum, which is located in the cisterns of the palace. Throughout history, the ground water pipes gave wealth to Anna. The patio and the Arabic area are embellished with colorful ceramic tiles. The decorations and the stucco date back from the twelfth century. Nowadays, different celebrations take place there, such as weddings. In the rooms of Borja and Cervelló, people are transported back to the seventeenth century. Not only the furnishing and the atmosphere from that time are used, but also pictures and sounds to make people feel as if they were in the middle of all these events. A nice story is told about Anna and the Palace of the Counts of Cervelló. On the third floor of the tower, there is an archeological museum that shows the remains of the city of Anna.

Visiting the city of Anna is worthwhile and it would be a nice experience for the whole family. Immerse yourself in the history of Anna.

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