Aquarium in Valencia – Wonders of the underwater world.


The Aquarium in Valencia is the most famous sight in Valencia and is due to the valencianian language also known as L’Oceanogràfic. The Aquarium ist part of the “City of Arts and Sciences”, is located in the eastern part of Valencia and can be reached easily by bus or car. The L’Oceanogràfic in Valencia is the biggest aquarium of its kind in the whole of Europe. The Aquarium accommodates on 110.000 m² and 42 million liters of water more than 500 different species and more than 45.000 animals. One of the highlights in Valencia is the dolphinarium. On a daily bases they host dolphin shows and also educate the visitors on how to treat stranded animals. Therefore entertainment isn’t the only reason but also they try to impart knowledge on how to treat aquatics in general and show the beauty of the underwater world.

Aquarium in Valencia – What’s there to see?

The L’Oceanogràfic doesn’t just offer spectacular insights of the underwater world, it also guides the visitors through different “worlds”. The aquarium in Valencia is divided into eleven territories and each of which represents a different biotopes.

On the islands, with roughly 1.000.000 liters water and artificial rocks, you can watch sea lions and seals.  In the tropical area with high humidity, beautiful flora and different types of animals like cormorants are waiting for you. Furthermore there is an artificial Arctic eco-system, due to the low temperatures it hosts penguins and beluga whales which can be up to 12 meters long and weigh more than two tons.

Aside from that there are loads of fish tanks with colourful fishes, crabs, sharks, rays and many other interesting animal species that origin from the underwater world. Quite fascinating is the 70 meters long underwater tunnel, it is an amazing feeling when huge sharks and rays are swimming right above your head. If you look really closely, you can find the world famous “Nemo” among the dozens of anemone clown fishes.

Dolphin Show

Spectacular dolphin show where many emotions and unique moments are conveyed. It is incredible to see how close a bond between human and animal can become. Following, a short video clip of the dolphin show.

More information about the aquarium in Valencia

The entrance fee for the L’Oceanogràfic is quite costly. Admission for Adults is around 28.50 €, reduced tariffs for students or pensioners are about 21.50 €. On top of that there are discounts for family and group tickets. Too , there exist the option to buy a combi-ticket for 36.90, that enables you to enter all attractions of the City of Arts and Sciences – more information can be found on

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