Beach Promenades


Torrevieja has many beach promenades. Ideal for good walks on sunny days. Due to the antiquity perhaps we should begin to see the Paseo Vista Alegre to mention where the Coralista monument is a tribute to all the inhabitants of Torrevieja who connect to the choral ensembles.

Vista Alegre
Vista Alegre – fröhliche Aussicht

Further north, you will find the Paseo de la Libertad, which is known for its handicraft stalls existing there. In addition to the Paseo Dique de Levante, the Paseo Juan Aparicio is one of the most representative sports of this city. The Paseo is located at the old Paseo de las Rocas and was completely rebuilt during the project of the renowned architect Carme Pinós’.

Furthermore, there are also spike stones and small beaches, with the famous natural pools of Torrevieja. Comfortable lying on the bench stones, you can see a sculpture of the famous Bella Lola. At the end of this avenue with palm trees it is the Monumento al Hombre del Mar (Sailor monument).

Strolling, jogging and shopping to the beach promenade of Torrevieja City.

At the point where the Paseo de Juan Aparicio and the Paseo de la Libertad meet, you can see Paseo del Dique de Levante, it is a nice route with about 1km in length, which will take you down to the seaside. If you look into it, you can see the three existing yacht facilities.

The city has more anchorages than other communities of Valencia. If you have a boat and want to visit Torrevieja, may hire a temporary anchorage. This is a great opportunity to learn about this city closer. The eastern dock holds one of the finest avenues in the Valencian Community with an elevated structure on the eastern breakwater, which 1355 meters is wide and was made of wood and steel. There are also five pergolas where you can relax. In one of these pergolas you can find a beautiful statue of a woman who is regarded as a tribute to the women of the Mariners.

Also located along the lower portions of this avenue there is a relaxing cycle path. There are also other avenues along the sea shore line, including the International Marina in honor of the master sailmaker Juan Bautista Buades, the Paseo Juan Bautista Buades and the Paseo de La Mata, which is large and very beautiful.