Brilliant start!


¡Pero qué alegría! After only a week, we can say that the impact has been enormous!

Thank you very much for the new registrations, the positive comments, the kind e-mails and good wishes.

After many weeks of work, uncountable cafés con leche, and little sleep, we are surprisingly glad that the new Torrevieja website has had such good acceptance

  • The number of visits has increased.

  • We already have the same large number of members than the old portal had.

  • The new Facebook page already has 1500 fans.

  • The existing Facebook group has many members and there is a nice and active exchange of ideas.

  • The forum already has good acceptance and new entries are posted every day.
  • Tourist and owners of vacation houses call daily to ask for more information and they are not only from Germany, but also from Switzerland and Austria.

  • Moreover, our Google Plus, Twitter and YouTube Channels has a large number of members. We like that.

Private individuals can use the job market and the classified advertising market free of charge. The directory is also free for associations and charitable organizations.

Companies and entrepreneurs can benefit from the opening offers on Shop. Furthermore there is a discount of 10% for only a short period of time! Coupon code: “torre2015”.

It would be great if we could celebrate and have a drink of sparkling wine on the 6th in the little opening party in La Mata

¡Muuuuuuchaaaaaaas gracias!

Our – Team (we love to connect)

Britta, Susanne, Max, Stefan, Caro, Marcel, Andreas and Marc

PS: The portal is currently being expanded and we are working on new features

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