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Prices, addresses and information where you can purchase inexpensive firewood.

The Costa Blanca – even in winter is cozy, warm and sunny – but at night it can then still cool down properly.


Many Europeans come to spend the winter here in the Spanish sun. But in the winter months, from November to March, can be relatively cool here. Thus, the temperatures at the end of the day quickly drop to 12-15 degrees down, and even at night to 8 degrees while in the sun are at noon often 26-30 degrees.

It gets cold here to – throughout the year the sun shines, but in the evening you have to heat up.

Since there are often no hot water heaters, as is usual in Germany, is alternately heated by the air conditioning system, with hot plates, modern heating systems or with the fireplace.

The installation of a hot water heater would simply not be expected in southern Spain, as is heated only on the short winter, and since is not even needed every day, because the winter months can still be very warm, very mild for northern Europeans in Spain. Thus, most of the houses have a fireplace and air conditioning or heating plates.


Chimney wood

Buy cheap firewood in Torrevieja

Heating with wood is not only popular; it also brings fast pleasant warmth in the 4 walls and has a certain romance.


There is on the Costa Blanca many places where you can buy your firewood. Either you simply drive off with your car or as for a larger quantity offer some timber merchants, delivery by trailer up to the front door to. As a compliance tip to you, it will certainly help when stacking. There are different types of wood to choose from; depending on the variety are the prices between 0.80 to 2 euros per 10 kilos of firewood.

Street vendors manner sell you sacks of firewood between 5 to 8 Euros. This is of course more expensive, but who needs little and do not want to go on, for it is just more convenient.

From olive wood to wooden citrus trees to the good of almond wood that provision is available herein. Is not advisable to buy Chirimoya wood, since, by experience it will be not a good choice, because it does not heat well.

Heavy, hard wood tends to be more expensive than light, soft wood.

Tip: take smaller pieces of the light wood for kindling and set about a large, heavy piece to achieve a long burn time and not having to constantly fill the fireplace.

In addition, you should make sure that the wood has really dry well, because you pay for it and otherwise paid too much for residual moisture in the wood, according to weight and the effect is bad. So who observed that few things come with firewood, good and cheap, during the winter months? A fireplace is also optically always a highlight; it quickly creates an atmosphere in which one feels comfortable.

One address for good firewood for sale is:

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