In Spain, rather in the popular Costa Blanca, is the place Campoamor. The Mediterranean climate benefits certainly and comes with a beach holiday in Campoamor. Although the location may not look back on a very long history, there is nonetheless much to discover and to look at. This popular seaside resort and its surroundings to explore, as your holiday destination, is an ideal starting point.

You can experience the charming atmosphere of the region up close. So you can, for example, return to your property from the salt lagoons of Torrevieja and explore the historic town of Orihuela. The beautiful promenade of Mil Palmeras should definitely be worth a visit, because for interested visitors is a must. You can find an impressive cathedral in the city of Murcia, which makes this a popular destination.

Of course the Spanish kitchen has to be mentioned when speaking of Campoamor. In the region you can enjoy mainly legumes and fish, which are processed to stews. Being close to the sea, of course, seafood is absolutely fresh and together with vegetables, an absolute culinary delight. In the vicinity to Campoamor you can also find some international restaurants which offer something for every taste. A special delicacy to which the locals are particularly proud is the so-called Turrón. This is a dessert mostly composed of honey and almonds.

The proximity of the resort, of course, provides more optimal opportunities for surfing or swimming. Other water sports are possible. Even walking enthusiasts will feel in Campoamor quite well, as they can there take long and wonderful walks through the great landscape with the orange groves. The place is also known for its golf courses, and offers golf enthusiasts the opportunity to indulge their passion on the holiday. Night owls will certainly get what they are looking. There are in the vicinity pubs and bars offering good entertainment, small culinary delights and a lot of fun.

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