Cartagena City Breaks and Photos


Cartagena in Spain.

Cartagena is a great way to start right here your cities trip to Spain. That is because this important city with its beautiful harbor looks back on a history of about 2,500 years. There are visitors considerably in all the streets, roads and many places by remarkable monuments which tell of a glorious, historical past. The city is prosperous, is well maintained and has a special charm. Once you’ve been here, this will be felt immediately. It was restored a lot in recent years and renovated, so that the city shines with a polished finish. Cartagena offers a wide range, which allows the visitor to that heritage and the cultural richness of the city to admire. Cartagena is located in southeastern Spain on the Costa Calida (Hot Coast). The city is year by year a popular tourist destination; even in January daytime temperatures of 20 degrees and more are here absolutely not uncommon.

Stadt Cartagena

Clearly one of most notable landmarks of this city is the Roman theater; it refers to the Roman era. As the name suggests, the Carthaginians were here only a resident, then, of course, for many centuries, the Arabs. A stroll through the city one discovers traces of the military power that lead back to the Middle Ages, when the castle de la Concepción was built. Here is today, due to its convenient location, an exhibition center, which offers information about the city and its history. From out of castle grounds, you have a fantastic view of the city. From the castle itself, unfortunately, has remained not very much. Further evidence of the military importance of Cartagena can be found in the seawall, the military port, the park of artillery, the military hospital or school for sea watch. The many castles as the Galeras, Atalaya and San Julián, which can be seen from the harbor, once served together with the numerous coast guards to defend the city. The old military hospital is now the seat of the Polytechnic University of Cartagena.

Hafenstadt Cartagena in Spanien

In addition to military history are the churches in the baroque style with paintings and sculptures of remarkable quality, absolutely admirable. Among them are the Church del Carmen, San Diego or Santo Domingo and especially the de la Caridad, in which there are works of art from the 18th and 19th centuries. You can admire here the patroness of the city, the Virgin de la Caridad. Among the most beautiful buildings in Cartagena undoubtedly include the town hall and the Gran Hotel (1916). By the Town Hall Square you can reach the pedestrian zone. You will find both intimate street cafes and bars and many shops and boutiques, which are perfect for strolling.

Other attractions include beautiful buildings with elaborate architecture in Art Nouveau style as the house of Cervantes, the house of Maestre, the palace of Aguirre, the house of Clare, and other buildings such as the Municipal Palace or the Train Station. These are testimonies to the urban development of this city, which it experienced in the mountains due to its rich mineral resources. The invention of the submarine of Isaac Peral, which was left on September 8, 1888 in Cadiz from the stack, is perhaps the most famous moment of this city and therefore is virtually considered landmarks of it.

It is recommended for a city trip to Cartagena the elevator at the castle de la Concepción with panoramic view; it connects the harbor with the castle. A nice attraction for the whole family is a trip on a catamaran. This is available from only 8 Euro per person and takes about 45 minutes. From the water side, you have a beautiful view of the city of Cartagena. The catamaran arrives directly at the port off and back on. One should begin starting with a city tour from the port. When you come from the port to the old town, first appeared on the town hall, a jewel in Art Nouveau style with a majestic marble staircase. Going through Cañón road leads to all the other attractions, restaurants and boutiques.

Ausflugsziele und Städtereisen

Festungsanlage in Cartagena

Abwehranlagen Bateria de Conejos und Bateria Aguilones in Cartagena

Rund um Cartagena befinden sich unterschiedliche Festungsanlagen und Geschütztürme am Meer, um die Stadt zu...
Bateria de Conejos in Cartagena

Batería de Aguilones in Cartagena

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Bateria de Conejos in Cartagena

Batería de Conejos in Cartagena

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