Castle “Castillo de Alhama” in the region of Murcia


The Castle „Castillo de Alhama“ has an Islamic background from the 11th and 12th century. The Castle in Alhama is situated on a 285 high mountain with a nice panorama view of the valley from the top. Due to the ideal situation, the fortress was a perfect structure to spot enemies in advance and for protecting the population from enemies. Within the photo gallery, you can see the tower with arrowslits, which reaches out another 23m towards the sky.

Until the end of the 14th century it was under control of the Muslims, however recent discoveries might indicate that it could have Roman roots too. In the year 1387, king John passed on the castle to the Family of Fajardo.

The castle was part of the fortification of the empire ranging from Granada up to Aragon. The castle was divided into two parts. The one part served for military and political purposes and the other part for protecting the population, equipped with dorm rooms, storage rooms and stables for animals. A cistern with dome roof held plenty of drinkable water lasting for several weeks in case of a siege. To prevent loss of water, the container was sealed with lime mortar. The river “Fuente del Caño” that originates from the Sierra de La Muela close by, provided enough water for the inhabitant in this region.

The inside of the tower is covered with paintings. However, the Castle can only be entered partly due to current excavations and renovations of the Castle in Alhama. The Castle is one of the most remarkable structures in Alhama and was declared as a cultural asset of Murcia.

The cultural centre of Alhama organises regular viewings where you can explore more of the insights and learn about the history of the Castle in Alhama in Murcia.

Further information can be acquired by calling the archaeological museum Los Baños.

Contact details:
Calle 4-3, 9,
30840 Alhama de Murcia
Tel.: 968-630776
Coordinates: 37°51’14.7″N 1°25’30.3″W or 37.854077, -1.425091

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