Castle in Mula close to Murcia called Castillo de los Vélez


The castle in Mula close to Murcia is called Castillo de los Vélez und is rather more a ruin. Unfortunately there is just one side of the castle left and that part can only be seen from the outsides. From Torrevieja you have to go past Orihuela and Murcia until you reach Mula which is located just before Bullas.

If you go by satnav it should be really easy for you to find the castle but it is also signposted well. From far away the castle looks more imposing than if you are really close to it. Back in the days the caste was built to enslave the population rather more than to protect them.

The simple renaissance architecture is really uncomplicated and was built in four different steps back in the days. Firstly, they have put up the walls. Then they added the main tower, afterwards the water reservoir and lastly the tunnel vault. The entrance to the castle´s gate can only be reached through a small drawbridge.

During conflicts the defenders were able to barricade themselves for days and had due to the water reservoirs plenty of water.

In the following photo gallery you can see a selection of the leftovers of the castle Castillo de los Vélez and the view over the surroundings. Too, the video will help you to see what you can expect from a visit. Even though there isn’t a lot left of the castle, it is still nice to have a look around especially for castle enthusiasts.

You should combine the trip to the castle with another sight, for instance the waterfalls in Bullas are worthwhile visiting but also the hot springs or the dam of Mula.

Satnav coordinates: 37°35’49.6″N 1°19’01.5″W or 37.597111, -1.317095

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