Chill out im Club Jardines del Mar


Chill out and relax! In the beautiful Jardines del Mar Chill Beach Club of Campoamor you can end your day relaxing with a cocktail or a glass of wine while listening to some calm and modern music. If you visit this place, you will always come back. This nice space, which is not far from the port in Campoamor, simply invites you to stay. Young and not so young visitors enjoy the wonderful atmosphere, surrounded by modern restaurants.

In this place, people organize private events and weddings with catering service. The Beach Club has a very good taste. Jardines del Mar is presented in the best Ibiza style. The night lights and the sound of the waves make the place perfect to relax. However, on weekend nights, the music gets a little louder and people go out dancing.

First, start with a long walk on the beach “La Glea”, then have dinner at a Italian or a sushi restaurant, and finally have a cocktail in the Chill Beach Club Jardines del Mar, and if you like, you can also enjoy a refreshing bath in the swimming pool. The doors are open every day, although it gets more crowded on Fridays and Saturdays than the rest of the days. Tasty drinks, a friendly and quick service, nice music and a wonderful ambience, what else could you ask for? Moreover, you can find a bus stop down the road, just steps from the door.

Jardines del Mar

Calle Rosalia de Castro-Campoamor, 2B

03189 Dehesa de Campoamor – Orihuela Costa