Concejalía de Protección Animal de Torrevieja – Municipal animal shelter


Visit at the communal animal shelter “Concejalía de Protección Animal de Torrevieja” on the 18.08.2016 in order to inform the public and find volunteers and donors.

Right in Torrevieja, just a few minutes by foot from the Centro Commercial Habaneras, you can find the animal shelter Concejalía de Protección Animal de Torrevieja. Diligent volunteers and auxiliaries are trying to make the life of dozens of animals in the area of Torrevieja worh living, help homeless dogs and cats to find a new owners, and this for more than 15 years now.

Many tourists and pet owners solely keep pets for fun. They let them live on a balcony for the whole live, keep them chained for months and leave them outside in the burning sun without a place to hide. Young puppies and kittens are abandoned at lonely and dangerous streets and often die before their life even begins. However, these stories aren’t rarities in Torrevieja, they happen every day explained us Carmen Morate who is assistant of the mayor and representative of the animal shelter.

“It is horrible to see how pet owners leave their animals to such a cruel fate. On a daily basis we receive messages that wounded animals were found on the streets, a dog needs a new home as the old owner died or that animals are kept under terrible living conditions. Currently we have 35 dogs and 45 cats in our animal home but by far not enough capacities to give shelter to all animals in need. Just for a couple of years now the animal shelter is under communal administration, in Spanish “Albergue Municipal de Animales”. Before that time, even here animals had to face bad living conditions. We haven’t had enough money and helpers for the animal shelter to run it properly.

Nowadays we have 3 auxiliaries from the municipality of Torrevieja and many volunteers supporting our animal shelter in order to provide a hygienic and save place to the animals. Yet, the conditions aren’t as good as they should be. Resources are missing all over the place. The animals have to be castrated, costs for the vet must be paid and we have to ensure that there is always enough food for the animals in stock. If everyone would just make a small contribution we would have way less problems.

“Supporting us doesn’t always mean to donate money. There are many other ways to help us. Every Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday people can come to take the dogs out for a walk. Thus the dogs can have a life outside the animal shelter. At the end of the day you can see at the dog’s faces that even a short walk can do wonders. Furthermore, we are constantly looking for foster homes where animals can be accommodated temporarily until a new owner or a flight escort is found. As a flight escort you would allow animals to be transported to other countries where easily a new owner can be found within days. The animals are all vaccinated and have a chip, for the new owner there are no costs to pay. You as a flight escort solely have to pass on the dog crate once you landed at the destination airport, there are no costs or other liabilities involved.  Same can be done with visitors who go back home by car and have some free space for a dog.
If you would like to get in contact with the animal shelter feel free to visit them in person. The coordinates and the address can be found at the end of the article. Also you can contact the animal shelter Concejalía de Protección Animal de Torrevieja online in German, English and Spanish. In addition there is an information stand every Friday, Saturday and Sunday at the Paseo Vistalegre in Torrevieja.

“For the near future we have planned to build a bigger cat enclosure as we currently have 45 cats living in a small room. In a few years’ time we want to expand the animal shelter which costs 300.000 € so we are able to help more homeless animals. It is hard and time-consuming to get the permissions from the authority and to collect the required funds. We would really appreciate every donation and all people who would like to support us in another way so we can create a better life for the animals. No one wants to live a lonely life, neither human nor animal.”

Albergue Municipal de Animales C/ Nenúfares s/n (acceso por carretera Policía Local) 03184 Torrevieja

Telefon: 670 02 78 53 / eMail:

Coordinates 37°59’22.0″N 0°41’23.2″W   bzw.   37.989453, -0.689780

Opening hours: Monday till Friday 10:00 am to 14:00 pm

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