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This Torrevieja City Portal, the beautiful port city in Spain on the Costa Blanca in the province of Alicante, is the agency SEO Costa maintained by us and administered. We are sitting right here on site in Los Altos on the outskirts of Torrevieja and look forward to your contact. Have questions about advertising on this largest platform for German, suggestions, ideas or would like to participate? Then send us an email or use the contact form.

Torrevieja TeamOur office in Torrevieja is always occupied with 3-4 employees. 4 colleagues in the Bremen head office work with also, as a permanent team of freelancers. The Internet agency was in Germany – founded in Bremen many years ago and opened almost simultaneously a small branch in Mallorca for Spanish projects. The end of 2014 this branch SEO Costa was added in Torrevieja, the Alicante region. We love Spain, the work from here, the mentality of the people and the beautiful life under the sun by the sea.
Trained programmers, experienced copywriter for SEO optimized texts for SEO specialists, first-class designers, system administrators for PC networks and IT professionals for social media, WordPress, CMS and Shop system includes our company. SEO Costa operates its own successful portals with partly more than 15,000 members, and with over 2,200 visitors daily. We have excellent opportunities your website both in the social networks, Youtube, Twitter, Google Plus and Facebook as well in the search engines – to bring as Google, all the way forward. Who wonders what SEO is, that means Search Engine Optimizing, so search engine optimization and includes all the measures to a website to raise awareness and improve their ranking.

Torrevieja we want to do yet much known in Germany through this site and just there to address the people. Who is here locally is on Torrevieja.de all can find what is of interest to him. Comprehensive information, advice, events and offers, tips and help for all topics.

Office Spain


Los Altos – Date by appointment

693 498 031 (Phone)

Email: mail@torrevieja.de



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