Dam “Embalse de Pliego” in Mula in the region of Murcia


Due to the long drought and following low water level you wouldn’t think that this area was flood-ridden back in the days and that among the suffering population even people died as result of the floods.

In the 18th and 19th century measurements were taken in order to control the mass of water effectively. In the beginning of the 20th century plans for a dam were presented and finally the construction of the dam “Embalse de Pliego” started in 1987.

Embalse de Pliego, 30170 Mula / Murcia

  • Capacity: 8,7³
  • Area: 113 hectare
  • Completed in 1992

Coordinates for the sat-nav: 37°59’08.6″N 1°31’24.5″W or 37.985731, -1.523480

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