Dam Embalse de la Cierva in Mula close to Murcia


The dam / water reservoir Embalse de la Cierva in Mula can be reached through the RM-15 coming from Murcia in direction to Bullas. The water of the reservoir shines dark green. The coordinates and map further down show the point where you can walk up narrow stone stairs along a fence to climb up the mountain.  From there you have a fabulous view over the reservoir and the whole area. The lookout is quite small and should be carefully entered.

The ascent is quite exhausting and steep but due to the stairs it is still alright to get up. It is definitely worth it. You’ll have an astonishing view and can even see the castle in Mula, Castillo de los Vélez.

Too, once you are in the area, you should combine it with other popular places. For instance, you could visit the city of Murcia or Orihuela, which are really nice to see. Also you could go to the waterfalls in Bullas and enjoy the refreshing water.

The video shows you the view from one side of the sea to the other side. At the beginning you can see the castle of Mula. In the water are loads of fishes but be aware that fishing is not allowed in the reservoir.

If you decide to go to visit the Embalse de la Cierva, we would recommend you to visit the city of Mula or the castle Castillo de los Vélez as well. In Mula you could visit the museum of Iberian art or the Torre del Reloj in the old town at the Plaza Mayor. Too, the Church of San Miguel, the monastery De la Encarnación and the church of Santo Domingo are worth visiting. Also the region is very popular amongst hikers and climbers.

These are the coordinates for your satnav: 38°03’40.5″N 1°29’11.8″W oder 38.061242, -1.486604

The coordinates show where the Ascent / Access to the mountain peak begins.

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