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German residents and vacationers in Spain, when in health problems, usually look for a competent German doctor or a suitable hospital in Torrevieja, since it is just important, to the doctor or in an emergency situation, to be able to communicate and to understand especially the treating physician. Because, how do you explain, for example, to the dentist your problem if you do not speak or understand the language? What do you do when you are in Spain and suddenly become ill, have sprain ankle or get a trapped nerve in the back and need urgent medical attention? If help must be brought quickly, you should choose the free and pan-European emergency number 112. Otherwise you have the choice between the national health system and private doctors. With National Health Service you have to rely generally on your knowledge of Spanish, an interpreter or reach an understanding with hands and feet, because there are very few who speak German. That is also the reason why most tourists or residents who go to Torrevieja and nearby areas prefer German or English private doctors. In the region around Torrevieja you will easily find private doctors who speak German. Here on see also a selection of German or German-speaking physicians.

Doctors and clinics

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But who pays for treatment by a doctor or hospital, anyway? With the European health card that you get at home from your health insurance, you will be treated free of charge in all public health centers and hospitals. If you do not have this, you will have to bear the costs of the treatment. Upon treatment with the European health insurance card (EHIC) the costs are offset between the Spanish and German health insurance. This also applies to Austrian or Swiss health insurance. When you go to private doctors, medical specialists and clinics, the first thing you need to clarify is whether you have insurance, cash or a valid credit card. So, it is definitely recommended to have in Spain a private international health insurance. It is not expensive, facilitates the choice of doctor, and will save you the legwork and hassle. A travel insurance is always helpful and it also covers any future transport to home, which is a service that is not provided by the European health insurance card. A private treatment in Spain, must always be paid in cash and directly on site. Whether you get back this money, then depends on the insurance that you have. In a private travel insurance, the chance of recovering the acknowledged fee is higher. Statutory health insurance often accept only a part of private treatment costs when there is the doctor’s report or an invoice of a serious situation.

In Spain, it is common for health problems, where rapid specialist medical help is needed, to go directly to the emergency room (“Urgencias”) of hospitals and clinics. Actually, the first path in the public system, is the local health center (“centro de salud”), where you will be first examined by a general practitioner and then get referred to a doctor. But because of the waiting period that goes from weeks to months for a specialist visit, the emergency room is often the only and shortest way for a rapid treatment. However, the direct route to the emergency room in a clinic or hospital has one drawback, you often have to wait for hours, but when your turn comes, you will also be treated directly by a specialist. In see some German or German-speaking physicians and a map to the public health center (“centro de salud”) or the hospital in Torrevieja and Quiron. If you are a doctor and have a private practice or a clinic, then you are welcome to subscribe to Then take this information and please contact us.

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