Embalse de Santomera – Dam close to Orihuela and Murcia


The dam / water reservoir Embalse de Santomera is situated between Orihuela and Murcia. You can reach it by car in just 45 minutes from Torrevieja. Also you can find the popular roman bridge Puente Romana is in the eastern part of the reservoir.

Surrounded by mountains and beautiful nature, the dam is a great destination for a day trip if you live in Torrevieja or are there for holidays. Too, it is also in reasonable distance to make a bike trip out of it. The area around the Embalse de santomera is also nice for hiking or picnicking. On the photos which were taken in October 2016. The water level isn’t higher than 50 centimetres. That enables you to see various water plants on the ground. Normally water reservoirs around here have turquoise blue water. The Embalse de Santomera has a slightly more greener colour though.

From Orihuela you only need 15 minutes to the sea of Santomera.

It must be amazing to see the watergates opening and to listen to the water streaming through the gates. Around the dam are several lookouts. Following the view over the watergates from an 37 metres high lookout close by. The dam was built 1967 and the holding capacity is around 26.290.000 cubic metres.

Coordinates for the satnav: 38°05’40.3″N 1°05’19.7″W  or  38.094539, -1.088818

Coordinates of the bridge for the satnav: 38°06’18.3″N 1°05’40.2″W or 38.105075, -1.094509

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