Even the mayor was there!


The official inauguration party for our new city portal Torrevieja.de was a complete success!

After an hour and a half, it was evident that we exceeded our expectations. More than 100 guests came during this time, and we met a lot of nice people from Torrevieja. Many inhabitants, residents, as well as tourists from Germany, Austria, Switzerland and even a pair from Belgium came to this party.

Then the mayor, José Manuel Dolón came along with his wife and other party members who stayed during two hours, so it was clear that we exceeded all the expectations.

The entire Torrevieja team made great efforts, starting with the long preparation until the launch of website, as well as the party made afterwards. These last three months were not boring at all and now we are overjoyed with the results. After just one day, we received many inquiries by e-mail and telephone from companies of the region.

We will have a close cooperation with the city and will soon offer a lot of information on our website about Torrevieja to Orihuela Costa.

We are very grateful with all the people that came to the inauguration despite the bad weather. Unfortunately some of you had to take care of their houses and the damages caused by the water. We hope you are all well.

Some have asked about the video of how the night went. We will soon make it available for everyone.

Others asked if we are planning on doing other events: yes, we will have different events of the similar magnitude three or four times per year.

The questions about the advertising possibility will be answered in the menu item “news” -> “Advertising here”

Once again, thank you very much for actively participating, congratulations, and we rely on your great support.

Our team still has a lot to do on the portal and we will continue working.

Hasta luego, Max (Alias Siggi), Caro, Stefan Eiben and Team

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