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Since Torrevieja is a multicultural city, with many traditions and festivals throughout the year instead of many events and festivals. Here on Torrevieja.de we have this from January to December listed and once explained in a few words.


The Three Wise Kings – The Three Kings from the Orient visit the city Torrevieja every year. A great event is the arrival at the port of Torrevieja, there has of moving starting point. From here it goes to the court of Constitución, a stretch will be through the main streets of the city.


The Carnival – Torrevieja Carnival is an impressive event for all! It opened its festivities at the end of January and runs with countless concerts and competitions until the middle of February. The evening procession is particularly worthy of mention.


The Easter Week – The Holy Week was created in 1981 from a total of 14 brotherhoods. It has its own character with an important artistic heritage consisting of thrones, Picture embroidery, goldsmith and much more. During Holy Week, the cosmopolitanism of the city gathered with the friars and the throne carriers from different nationalities and make this religious ceremony a unique experience.


The May Festival was designed to one of the most important events in the city of Torrevieja in the course of time, a festival which originated in since 1987. The event, which stretches from Wednesday to Sunday, begins with the inauguration and the lighting of the fairgrounds. This is followed by dances, horse parades, horse shows and daily entertainment.


The celebrations in honor of San Juan are connected with the arrival of summer and to celebrate this, bonfires are lit. In Torrevieja there are various neighborhoods that create their own cardboard figures and festivals organized as the Barrio de la Punta, Barrio Acequión and Barrio Molinos del Calvario to celebrate the beginning of summer. But undoubtedly, the most exciting is the big fireworks; you’ll love to look at the sea. Do not miss it! On June 23 at 23:59 at the beach promenade Juan Aparicio.

As a substitute, you will find every year in mid-June festivities in honor of the Virgen del Rocío. It is in particular about a pilgrimage that is accompanied by many more different activities such as fairs, horse activities and children’s games.

Celebrations in honor of the Sacred Heart -A popular festival is held with a number of popular activities such as several parades, raffles and large fireworks that remember the solemnity of the Sacred Heart.


Celebrations in honor of the Virgen del Carmen – The Virgen del Carmen is the patroness saint of fishermen, so we talk about a festival which is inseparably connected with the feeling of brotherhood of fishermen. They organize every year on July 16th various activities. This significant day will begin with a procession of a band through the main streets of Torrevieja. Later a nautical procession takes place in which the fishermen go walking their patroness.

One of the most important cultural events in the city are the International Habanera and polyphony of competition. This is an international event where you can hear-traditional songs that have arisen through voyages of Torrevieja sailors to the Caribbean.
Each year, the end of July, you can play the melody on the seashore in the old area where the sailors of Torrevieja previously accumulated salt and later the merchant ships handed over, enjoy to the fullest.


Celebrations in honor of San Emigdio – San Emigdio is the patron saint against earthquakes. Every year, during the first week in August, will find multiple activities to these celebrations as popular games, outdoor disco, summer ball dances, and religious events. The events take place in Nations Park, where the highlight is the Holy procession with the image of Saint Emigdio, who is revered in their own chapel of the park and thereby end the festivities.

Fest zu Ehren des San Roque
Diese Feste werden während der ersten zwei Wochen im August gefeiert. In dieser Zeit wird Ihnen verschiedenes in Torrevieja geboten. Zum Beispiel populäre Baracken, Rennen auf Skates, Rennen auf Rollern, Paella und Hausgemachte Desserts, Verlosung von Geschenken, Wettbewerbe, Kinderspiele, Fußballmeisterschaften und vieles mehr.


Festival in honor of San Roque – These festivals are celebrated during the first two weeks in August. At this time, you can enjoy various activities such as animations, paella and homemade desserts, competitions, children’s games, raffles of gifts and much more.

Celebrations in honor of the Virgen del Rosario – The Virgen del Rosario is the patroness saint of La Mata. To commemorate her, some events take place during the first week of October, as the parades of bullheads, meals, bike trails, children’s games, inflatables, car parades and various religious activities are organized. The festival ends with a grand procession and fireworks.


Festival in honor of the Immaculate Conception – The Immaculate Conception is the patroness saint of Torrevieja. Every year, during the last week of November and the first week of December, the celebrations are celebrated in the city, in honor of the patroness saint. A series of cultural events such as concerts, gastronomic contests, parades of giants and big heads, popular barracks and much more are offered. These celebrations will end with the Holy Mass of the Immaculate Conception.

The festival in Torrevieja are characterized by their diversity. In December, the local inhabitants celebrate namely “Local Holidays” (local holiday) in honor of the Immaculate Conception, her Schutzheiligin. During this holiday, the salt queen is chosen and is considered the most beautiful woman in Torrevieja. Another important festival for the citizens of Torrevieja is the festival in honor of the Virgen del Carmen, patron saint of fishermen. The fishermen take Virgin and on the streets near the harbor bay and then organize games, paella competitions, etc. These are the most traditional festivals but there are more of them, though not too much on the city. This includes, for example, , Mai Festival with numerous stalls, performances, kitchens, etc. These traditions reflect the Seville-atmosphere during the April Festival: one of the biggest festivals of the Valencian regions

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