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The kitchen of Torrevieja is particularly rich and varied, with products from the sea and the vegetable garden of the “Bajo Segura”. So there is a noticeable gastronomic influence in this area, which has spawned a traditional cuisine of enormous complexity. The gastronomic diversity has continued to grow and has evolved according to new requirements.

Gastronomyrecommended restaurants

Rice is an important component of our gastronomy, given the wide range of available varieties: with vegetables – “arroz y bancal” with fresh anchovies, tuna, fish, etc. The most important rice dish in Torrevieja is terrible “Arroz caldero”, the fish stock is prepared, such as Fond of redfish, stars triggerfish, frogfish, etc. It simply tastes best!

Fish is the true foundation of our cuisine, with dozens of recipes, thanks to which you can enjoy flavors that you will be exciting: “mojaorico de rajá” Gazpacho (cold vegetable soup), catfish with tomatoes, “caldico empaná”, are a few Examples of what you can try here. You will find all kinds of salted fish, or fish cooked in salt, a clear influence of the salty origins of this city.

As a result of the influence of the interior of the district, we have a wide variety of meat dishes and stews, such as Meat that is cooked in broth, rabbit gazpacho, snail stew, etc. In short, here you get a really diverse and high-quality Gastronomy offer, which you can try in any restaurant and in every bar.

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La Bocana – Bar in Marina Sarinas Torrevieja with sea view

Paseo de la Libertad, Torrevieja 03183 Torrevieja, Alicant
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There are many good restaurants in our area. Typical Spanish cuisine, Asian buffet, Italian pizzerias, German Local, good fish and steak restaurants.

The quality, and arrangement of the food can vary seasonally, as some restaurant owners are forced out of season to terminate a portion of its staff - other restaurants in turn make the winter completely sealed.