A diverse food business has emerged in Torrevieja

Besides German restaurants with German or Mediterranean cuisine, there is also a gourmet temple starting from Austria to Sushi Bars. French, Italian, Chinese, Indian, Korean, Scandinavian, Serbian, Croatian, Mexican, Bavarian or Alpine food– if you do not find what you are looking for in this diverse international menu, you can always choose Spanish/Mediterranean cuisine, which thanks to its excellent quality and variety, is one the best of the world. For the preparation of Spanish meals, many use the traditional olive oil as vegetable fat and lard as animal fat, besides fruits and vegetable varieties, thanks to the Arabic culture. The Mediterranean cuisine has a close contact with the well-known and the so-called healthy diet of the Mediterranean Sea and it is based on the trilogy wheat-oil-wine. It also experiences a valuable enrichment through other ingredients: rice, garlic, pulse, vegetables and herbs; cheese and yogurt; fish and meat; eggs and other types of fruits. Fish and seafood is undoubtedly the core of the cuisine of the coastal strip. Furthermore, meat dishes grilled on open fire are one of the favorite options in the broad range of flavors of all the lovers of Mediterranean food. The main attraction is at the head of all products with rice and their incredible specialties: dry, in broth, o in paella. You can clearly see the influence of the Arabic legacy in the Valencian cuisine in the preparation of desserts, baked goods, almond and nougat wafers (turrones) and different ice creams. Murcia is also part of this cuisine influenced by other cultures, and it uses the fruits of the sea and the country in the same way for its own meals. The typical dish of Torrevieja is the caldero. The basic ingredients are fish in all its varieties and rice with fish stock. This dish can be easily prepared and tasted in the entire city. Other typical seafood dishes are rice and anchovies, stewed with cod, sea bream, mackerel, ray and other ingredients, which are prepared with great diligence in different restaurants. The gastronomy in Torrevieja is very versatile and offers a great selection of bars and restaurants.