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Playing golf – learn and enjoy

In the 15th century the game “Gowf” was invented in Scotland. To put the the first rules of the game laid in 1744 the “Company of Gentlemen Golfers” was founded in Edinburgh. And since then the world was never the same again. Golf is one of the most popular sports in the world; it is played in far-flung countries such as Mexico and Ireland, South Africa and China, and, of course, in Scotland. There are even universities that offer golf major.


So when beginners start the game now attracts the occurrence in a world with a rich and varied history to be a potentially greater investment of time and money, a steep physical and mental learning curve – and a lot of fun to start! The best way for beginners is learning how not to do it.

First, do not rush out and give tons of money for tuition fee, equipment, cars, clothes and so forth. You do not know which course is worth, what equipment is high and what suits you, and course hours can wait a little longer.

Part of the excitement is the novelty and pleasure to find a sport that you can play alone, with friends and spouses, or even with the whole family. But it is a challenging game when you play it right and can be frustrating and expensive if you do not invest some time to figure out what you need to know.

Start slowly and do not take everything too fast too seriously. Many professionals will advise you not to spend weeks on the exercise surface for striking (driving range), when you start, because they want you to avoid acquiring bad habits, which are difficult to unlearn. But some time on the driving range, an effective way to move your muscles, find out if you have talent and interest and give you an insight into the types of rackets and balls, which can be used.

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Find a not too expensive train and wear comfortable, loose-fitting clothes, which bear not close your arms and shoulders. Save yourself the $ 1,000 that you could spend on pants, shoes and tops for later. Start with a simple three-part set of clubs that you borrow from a friend or borrow from the clubhouse. A nine iron, a wedge-bat and a wood-5-flipper are enough. Actually, you will use the Wedge Bat less on the driving range, but you can add a putter racket and later go to the practice range to putten. Some have a miniature sand trap to practice the come out.

Relax, watch those who hit well and make their grip, stance and posture after. Place the ball, keep your eye on the ball when you swing and give it a sharp blow. If you miss a few, then so be it. Enjoy it. You learn of your body how this feels the momentum, which angle and impact on the way of flying this takes.


On the putting green (putting green) start near the hole – no more than one meter. No further – if you create 25 putts in succession more or less consistent, go to 2 meters, 3 meters, 6 meters back. “More or less” consistent – even professionals sometimes miss a beat half a meter distance!

Whether you practice driving or putting, you are as if a normal shock would not overturn. Golf revolves around balance, concentration and some simple physics. Now, take a cool drink in the clubhouse and enjoy the day. You have the first day out beaten well.

Golf Clubs:

There are three basic categories: iron, wood and putter. Wooden bats are used to hit long, iron medium range and putter for very close shots. The lower the number on the club, the farther (we hope!) the ball flies. On average proposes a 1-wood, who was beaten into a ball about 155 feet or more, a 5-iron about 90 meters, a 9 -iron about 55 meters. Putters are used to the ball to hit a few centimeters to meters with a much softer grass, the green is called. Wedges for beating and sand are special, sharp-bats for chipping of steep slopes or from the sand holes out. Lie racket with a grip on, that’s not too small, so the hit in your hand turns off the tee, yet too big, that you can not just put your fingers about.

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Golf rules:

As in any game, there are many and complex official rules. But the simple version is this: Put the ball on the tee; hit the ball toward the flag. Try to hit the ball in the hole, where the flag is (If you are close enough, remove the flag!). Winning the lowest blows over all holes played. Design your own ball and count every stroke.

Proprieties / Etiquette

Do not endanger other players by being too close. Besides standing when you or he / she proposes. And you do not make excessive noise when someone suggests. Avoid players who are behind you or with you to stop. If you lose your ball, let “play through” other. Replace turf (earth and grass clippings that you have accidentally unearthed with the golf club like a shovel). Repair any damage to others. In short, be courteous to those who are around you. Golf is one of the few sports in which civilized behavior is actually enforced.

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Review of equipment with common sense

Proper grip, position, posture and tee – all are essential in the game. But do not forget that you do all these things with your golf equipment and, as with any product, some are better than others. Here are some things that you should consider when you choose rackets, shoes and the rest.

Equipment is as people of all shapes and sizes. The reason is simple: there are people in various shapes and sizes! Golf is played by young children, men and women of all races and training. Manufacturers have increased the challenge to offer products that fit a variety.

For younger players, there are short and easy rackets. Accept that your teenagers are not playing well with your adult equipment. Likewise, many women fall into this “less large, less strong” category and need equipment that suit them.

For these people, there are bats with lightweight shaft and a handle with a smaller diameter. Bats that are too heavy will be difficult to control. A bat that is too long or too short, will worsen your position and your impact. Too long and the tip of the racket tends to look further up, which can cause you to crooked. Too short and the iron has a tip pointing to the ground. This is a recipe for cutting.

The best way to determine the length, it is to keep at least three different lengths of bats and to check whether a natural impact is possible and whether the head of the racket hits the perfect spot.

In addition to the length bats have called Flex (flexibility) – and torque values.

Opposite to myths a tendency that stems do not lose their stiffness over the years, so you buy the most expensive racket that you can afford. Worn grips are to replace relatively low. If you are an adult and will continue to play, you will use them for years before the technology forces you to upgrade. If your racket is older than five years, you will want to search for newer rackets.

Flex is the number of times a racket on the plane back and forth “commute”. If the shaft is too flexible, you have less control and tend to hook. Too stiff and your blow will lose direction and tends to cut. Try is the only way to find out what is right for you.

The torque value is contrary to how much the shaft and rotates clockwise when you look at the stem down to the head. When the ball presses on the club head, the shaft is rotated slightly by the impact. The Druckbe- and relief of the ball, where it joins the head and the rotation of the shaft to the starting point both lead to a controlled, long-flying ball. Begin with a 2.5, hit a few long shots and try to what is the best for you.

Modern rackets have more choice in design. Longer heads, heavier heads, cavity back heads (hollowed out at the back), stems from Titan vs. Steel vs. Graphite vs. Aluminium, headdresses make subtle differences. But choosing the right one depends on your swing speed and style and other personal factors. The best advice is to be patient and to investigate what you can afford, and then you get the best results. Read reviews with a skeptical eye.

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A few words about shoes

The average recreational golfers will be spending a few kilometers to go in the week many hours. At the same time he / she will have strained feet and hope for a solid base, swing and jump etc. All this calls for qualitative shoes.

Like the bats, buy the best you can afford. In this case, because you are wearing them often as your clubs, you even buy a little bit better than you can afford. They will typically last, justifying the use.

If you buy Spike shoes (not allowed on all tracks!), Make sure that no spike is directly under the ball of the foot. This leads to inflammation of the sesamoid bone, a pain in the ball of the foot, which is known among golfers.

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