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Torrevieja, ES
Saturday, December 16, 2017

About the healing properties of coastline on the Mediterranean, the physicians are long united and explain them to the climatic health resort. to live on the Costa Blanca, the best healing climate of Europe, therefore, continues to gain popularity. For decades Torrevieja is a popular destination. From Germany there are only about two-hour flight to the airport of Alicante, from here there will be only a few minutes on the N332 or AP7 up to Torrevieja. Here on the southern Costa Blanca can be found in rheumatism, asthma, chronic bronchitis, skin diseases or depression, the best and, above all, all the conditions to be healthy. In order to live pain-free, explain many Europeans this region to your second home and take up residence over here to the Costa Blanca. Thanks to the mild and dry air, especially on the circulation and the heart, as well as rheumatism and respiratory diseases has a positive effect, one speaks of a healing environment. The clean sea water and the silica sand also provide relief and healing of skin diseases and joint problems. As early as the fifth century BC, wrote the Greek poet Euripides: “The sea cleanses us from all diseases”. Are you healthy on the Mediterranean and come to Torrevieja!

Schlammbad am Salzsee

Something very special in this region are the salt lakes of Torrevieja and La Mata. These give the region a very special microclimate that is by specialists all over the world and even the World Health Organization (WHO), because of its soothing and healthy properties, recommended. The content of sodium chloride in the salt lakes is from 150 to 180 grams per liter. In addition, the water contains minerals potassium and sodium, magnesium sulphate and chloride, and calcium sulfate. Especially with rheumatism, skin diseases, respiratory problems and heart disease shows a significant improvement in health. Bathing in the salt lakes has the effect of weightlessness and is a great experience. After only a few weeks in the area around Torrevieja and regular bathing in these salt lagoons makes an alleviation of the disease noticeable.

Grüne Natur

The offer in the area of health are also numerous spas. The chloride, bicarbonate and sodium-containing water of the thermal baths Fortuna bubbling at a temperature of 53 degrees Celsius and is very useful for treating asthma, rheumatism and allergies. It is located in Calle del Balneario, 30626 Fortuna, Murchia. The “Archena Spa” is one of the most well-known and has a spa and a wellness center with more than 200,000 m². The spa Archena is located in the province of Murcia. Nestled in the natural park of Valle de Ricote, near the Segura – River, which runs through Archena, the Spa is in the Carretera del Balneario, 30600 Archena, Murcia. Near La Manga and Mar Menor. This Spa is a member of the “Royal Spas Europe” and has been approved by the European Spas – certified as “Europespa medAssociation.

The factors sun, wind, salt water, humidity and temperature, make the climate by the sea in Torrevieja as healthy and unique. Lung and asthmatics learn in a short time considerable relief, people with skin conditions such as eczema, psoriasis and acne feel after a short time a decrease in their symptoms. The air also contains smallest salt water droplets which penetrate through the nose and throat into the alveoli. Thus, the mucus from the respiratory tract and dissolves, you can get lower air. After a few weeks stay by the sea, you will benefit from this effect. Even restless people are again more relaxed and balanced. Even eating behavior changes. In the sun and to the sea in the fresh air you have no appetite for chocolate and chips or pastries, you eat here a lot more salads and light meals or fresh fruit. Moreover, it is proven that light affects our mood positive, so the sun increases our awareness of life. While in the dark and cold north go about winter depression, the Costa Blanca brightens your mood and start equally good start in the day. With over 320 sunny days a year you have here in every season a guaranteed sunshine.

Wanderweg an der KüsteThe sea water has a curative effect. Responsible for this is among other things the special salt composition. On the Costa Blanca come to a liter of water at least 14 grams of salt. The salt water also contains minerals with antioxidierendem effect as selenium, silicon and zinc, that activates and strengthens the human immune system, whereby you are immune to bacteria and viruses, and many other pathogens. The sea water is a source of minerals and trace elements such as selenium, calcium, magnesium and iodine. The body absorbs these ingredients in a particularly fast and good because the salt concentration of seawater is higher than that of human blood.

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