Hiking in Torrevieja, popular hikes and hikings trails


Hiking outside in the nature is beneficial for body and mind and also the calorie consumption of about 350 to 550 calories per hour is quite high. Around Torrevieja, Orihuela Costa and in the whole province of Murcia are many hiking paths with various levels of difficulty.

Famous are the hiking paths right on the beach along the ocean up to Mar Menor. Another popular hiking track is in the natural reserve of La Mata next to the salt lakes “Las Salinas”. About the hike in the Rio Seco (Dry River) you find more information in a separate article as the hiking trail is one of the most interesting ones in this area.

Too, the walk leading around the dam La Pedrera offers fantastic sceneries and more information can be found in the other article including directions and coordinates.

Also there are hiking groups and clubs around which offer guided tours in nice company. The tours change regularly.

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For the ones who fancy a hike with steep ascents or with a higher difficulty, the Sierra Espuna is the ideal place to go that isn’t too far away from Torrevieja. By car the Sierra Espuna can be reached in just about an hour`s drive.

The many dams in the region offer a great setting / backdrop for a hike. If you like a smaller and more relaxed hike the promenade or the long pier in Torrevieja are great walks to go.

Whether you do Nordic Walking, fast walking, jogging or hiking, all of these movements have a positive impact on your health. Hiking strengthens the immune system, muscles, improves the endurance and the overall state of your body. Too, it can be a real good fun.

Due to the warm climate hiking is possible all year round along the Costa Blanca and especially the winter offers clear air and nice views and a pleasant temperature for a hike.

You should always carry some water with you, protect yourself from the sun and just in case have some small snacks (bananas and generally fruits are really good). Proper shoes are recommended and depending on the hiking trail you should wear long pants to protect your shins from scratches.

“Die flotten Geher” and “Gemässigtes Wandern” are two German hiking groups in Torrevieja. Further information about the best hiking tracks and weekly hikes can be found in their separate articles or business directory entries. Hiking is a sport that can be done by almost everyone and also you get to know new people from Torrevieja, La Mata, Orihuela Costa, San Miguel de Salinas and surroundings.

Hiking is definitely a sport and we are not talking about just strolling around. Hiking is a continuous movement starting from a time period from about 1 hour ranging till more than 6 or 8 hours in a row. Hiking can trigger the release of endorphin, due to the sportive activity but also due to the stunning scenery you might encounter.

If you go for 3 to 6 kilometre walks twice a week you should quickly notice the positive effects on your body and your wellbeing in general.

Hiking is good for your circulation and your heart. Hiking regularly improves your endurance and your cardiovascular system. Also it is good to lower your cholesterol and stress level and to fight lack of drive. Also the risk of cardiovascular diseases, for instance high blood pressure, overweight or diabetes will be lowered.

Hiking outside in the nature improves the blood flow to your brand as it will be provided with more oxygen. That will trigger positive effects such as increased concentration and improvement of the cognitive performance.

Hikes in the nature are relaxing. They relieve everyday stress, will divert your attention from negative thoughts and will get you in a good mood. Hiking is wellness for body and mind. The release of hormones and messengers such as serotonin and dopamine increases and trigger a feeling of happiness and wellbeing.

During a hike you are training and strengthening your immune system and harmful cells will be eliminated more effectively and the defence cells of the human body become more active. Therefore a decent hike improves your overall wellbeing and you are less vulnerable against infectious diseases.

Losing weight through hiking?

During a firm hike on an even ground you burn around 350 to 400 calories per hour. Hiking paths and tracks in the mountains are more difficult and therefore the consumption rises to around 550 calories an hour.

People who regularly go hiking, for instance three 5 kilometre hikes a week will eventually loose body fat.

Enjoy the nature, focus on your breathing, smell the scent of flowers or the fresh sea breeze and enjoy the beautiful nature and environment you are hiking in. The south of Spain is an ideal place to go out for a hike and get some relief from your everyday stress and get yourself energised again.

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