The city of Torrevieja arose with the separation from Orihuela in 1820. At that time, it was a little fishing village. The name of this settlement resulted from the many maritime watchtowers that bordered the Mediterranean Sea back then. The watchtowers served once as protection from the pirate attacks. Currently, there is only a replica of these watchtowers in the shape of Torre del Moro, which is now a touristic attraction and a fantastic viewpoint. The origin of Torrevieja is the beginning of the population growth, fishing and salt mining.

When trying to summarize the history of Torrevieja, it is absolutely worth mentioning the brutal earthquake of 1829. It destroyed Torrevieja in its entirety and lead to the complete rebuilding of the city under the leadership of the military architect, Larramendi. The population of Torrevieja experienced a demographic development later that consolidated in the last quarter of the 20th century. The city is therefore very cosmopolitan and multicultural. Until the beginning of the 1970’s, Torrevieja was just a small community. Through the growing tourism in Costa Blanca, the city, which counted with 11,000 inhabitants in 1970, had a development boost. Meanwhile, the city has approximately 200,000 inhabitants of about 180 nations according to the parish records and is part of the most popular holiday destinations in Spain.

The termination of the management “Royal Salt Works” presents the early history of Torrevieja.
This beginning was reflected by a population growth. This was associated with activities such as fishing and salt processing, as can be observed today.
It is difficult to summarize the history of Torrevieja, but events that you absolutely must mention, is the cruel earthquake in Torrevieja in 1829. This called for a complete delivery rebuilding of the city through the guide by the military architect Larramendi. The citizens of Torrevieja who subsequently experienced a demographic development during the late 20th century.
Therefore Torrevieja is today a multicultural cosmopolitan city and has 100,000 inhabitants with 180 different nationalities on the state list.