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Modern heating can be easy when you take the sun as example.

Get sun in your own house!
Warmth is therapeutic, and people from the ancient world knew this. In order to alleviate pain or improve their well-being they dig in desert sand or heat up stones.
The sun is the natural heat source. The infrared rays are invisible for human eyes, but we still feel they exist. When these rays meet a solid body, in this case our skin, they warm it up. These are part of the natural light spectrum of the sun. However, the infrared radiation is not harmful to people or animals and it should not be confused with UV, X and radioactive radiation.

Modern heating with infrared radiation

Conventional heaters warm up the indoor air using a considerable amount of energy and that causes an air rotation in the room: hot air flows upward through the radiator, it moves along the ceiling, falls off to the opposite wall due to the increasing cooling, and flows down to the floor and back to the radiator. The highest temperature prevails right below the ceiling, and the lowest one on the floor.
INFRA-SOL heating elements send out infrared rays that not only warm up the indoor air but all the bodies that are found in the room. The floor, the walls, the ceiling and the furniture absorb the thermal radiation directly; they get warmed up and give off on their side thermal radiation. Therefore, they also heat up the indoor air indirectly, resulting in a regular distribution of the heat in the room. The low heating of the ambient air has a positive side effect, because the humidity stays constant. This relative humidity is an important factor to get comfort.
Health and wellness
The infrared radiation is traditionally used in medicine in the treatment of pain and in the stimulation of healing processes. Rheumatism, arthritis, joint and muscle pain can be alleviated, as well as the swelling (e.g. sinus infection) during the healing process.
Asthma and allergic patients can benefit from the dust-free air and the stable humidity. In contrast to the traditional heating systems, the air does not swirl in the INFRA-SOL’s heating panels; as a result, there is no dust, pollen, bacteria or mold spores circulating in the air.

Preventing mold on the walls

Mold arises from the condensation of hot air in cold surfaces. Traditional convection heaters only warm up the air inside the room, but the walls stay cold and partially humid, creating the ideal breeding ground for mold! Mold does not only put your health at risk, but it also ruins the fabric of the building.
The infrared system heats up the walls and other objects in the room directly, so that they stay dry and pleasantly warm. As a consequence, there is no room for mold. The INFRA-SOL heating panels can even dry up walls that are already wet in an effective way.

Energy saving and efficiency
The warm walls save energy for a long period of time and provides a constant room temperature. In contrast to the traditional heating systems, the energy expenditure remains very low and the heat loss is minimal. Moreover, the warm-up phase is eliminated and almost all the power input gets converted into infrared waves. Thus, the INFRA-SOL heaters need less energy than the conventional radiators with the same heating power. The heating panels work completely without sound or odor, and they do not need any maintenance, because they do not have burners, kettles or fireplace; that way you also save money.
Elegant and space-saving design

With an incredible depth of 25 mm, the INFRA-SOL heating panels can be assembled easily in any room. The only requirement is a normal power connector, because they do not need any bulky radiator, kettle, oil tank, pipe, or any ventilation system.

The discreet design comes in a large variety of models, and it makes them practically invisible and allows them to be integrated in almost any room. Due to their elegance and adaptability, the panels provide new possibilities for interior design.

The assembly of panels on walls or ceilings is very simple and allows the easy and fast retrofit of apartments and houses of different types. Contact us for more information and seek advice from our experts.
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