Interview with Marc Brocher Hahn-Fürstenberg Real Estate


Anyone who buys a property, usually have to consider many criteria, has many questions and a great need for information. We are pleased that Marc Brocher Hahn-Fürstenberg properties, on Orihuela Costa, on a short notice granted us with an interview, and we could bombard him with properly questions. Hello Marc, You are now here working as a real estate agent for 17 years and have been safe in the turbulent period that the real estate market is experiencing. How did you come back then to Torrevieja and moved here to live and work?

Marc: I was 18 years old the first time in this region on the Costa Blanca and had since made every year for holidays. Eventually, I thought, why I cannot live here by the sea and every day enjoy the sun? This idea not let go of me and sometime later I was finally completely here on the Costa Blanca. About 17 years ago I began to Günter Hahn (Hahn-Fürstenberg real estate) to work. Since then I have been faithful to the real estate business and I am now in charge of the real estate office. What makes the region here for property owners so attractive?

Marc: Summer, sun and the beautiful sandy beaches, the sea and a wide variety of popular golf courses. This is, among other things, what makes this region so popular for property owners. In addition, the location is fantastic: right on the seafront, close to Alicante airport and the cities of Torrevieja, Murcia, Elche and Cartagena. It just not located firmly on an island. The region here is very flat, which is certainly a great advantage for many older people. And of course, there is an excellent healthy climate. Is it here terms of price just very attractive to prospective buyers?

Marc: Yes, in any case. You get here different properties, from apartments, townhouses on detached houses and villas, also in German quality for a great price. Besides the price, but is equally important that a property is well kept and neatly. Customers pay attention to these details. A good standard is important for all interested parties; with just the Germans definitely pay close attention to quality and cleanliness. From which countries are the customers mainly?

Marc: This is quite mixed. We have many German, Austrian, Swiss, Scandinavians, French, Belgian, Dutch, Italian, English and Irish as customers. The advantage is that we speak almost every language. Are more return properties demand or more homes?

Marc: This really is quite different and cannot be answered so arbitrarily. There are customers who want to buy a property for two or himself/herself that comes three times a year at this resort. Others use their property as a winter residence. Just as there are customers who just want to invest and buy a property, in order to finally rent it. Most, however, buy a property in order to use it themselves. Is it complicated to buy a property here, if you are not resident in Spain?

Marc: We actually take care of everything to ensure that our customers have no deal. We get the NIE numbers, open a Spanish bank account, and make a complete notarial and also work closely with insurance together, so that we can offer all necessary insurance too. We take care of everything and are always happy to help! Powers of attorney wills and contracts, the customer gets everything from one source. I have the impression that here in Spain as estate agents there are much more tasks than in Germany. Is that right?

Marc: Yes, that’s true actually. No matter what it is, we have a permanent contact for our customers. Whether someone needs German or Spanish handyman or would like to know where you can buy good furniture or electrical appliances – we are the first point of contact for our customers. The follow-up part for us to and of course we are happy even if the customers like to remember us and recommend us. Are there any special, to which one should pay attention when buying a property here in any case?

Marc: One should keep in mind: we need a heater in the winter months here in southern Spain. Each handles it different, however. One of them has a fireplace that heat other than the air conditioning, heating plates or other ways.

You should also make sure that the property is free of loads at handover, that the running costs, as SUMA, water, electricity, etc., are paid. Important documents such as energy certificate and a valid occupancy permit must be present. We control everything for our customers, so the property is transferred free of financial burdens. Have you developed every now and then friendships with customers?

Marc: Yes of course. Through my many years here in Spain I have developed many friendships and also long standing contacts. What do you love most about your job?

Marc: Everything! Dealing with the people, as the variety of office and field staff, these are things that I really like about my work. I like to go, and when it is desired I show our customers and of course the area, shopping, beaches, etc.

Thank you for the interesting interview and will certainly be able to give the one and other interested parties some information.

Marc Brocher is a passionate real estate agent and still likes his work even more after 17 years. Meanwhile he owns the company Hahn-Fürstenberg Real Estate. More information on Hahn-Fürstenberg Real Estate can be found on and on Facebook at

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