Jet Ski Torrevieja – Rentals and Tours nearby Orihuela Costa


Jet Ski tours and rentals in Torrevieja, close to Alicante, are a perfect way to spend a day outside on the blue ocean.

Jet Ski Torrevieja, two terms that match perfectly. Torrevieja and neighboring places such as Punta Prima, Playa Flamenca, Playa del Cura and Cabo Roig offer excellent opportunities to book a low-cost Jet Ski tour, or to rent out your own Jet.

Riding a Jet Ski isn’t just a lot of fun, it is also a good diversion to spend a relaxing day outside doing water sports. In Torrevieja are many places to rent out a Jet Ski. An overview of different shops and vendors can be found in our business directory or on other articles on

Torrevieja is a popular port city located on the Costa Blanca and due to the fact that it is in an immediate distance to Alicante, offers the perfect place to book a cheap Jet Ski tour. Jet Ski tours aren’t just something to do with your family but they can also be a perfect birthday present or a gift to your best friend. Usually, Jet Ski trips take 30 to 60 minutes but if you fancy to, there are tours that last a few hours or the whole day.

In case you haven’t done any water sports before and are inexperienced in riding a Jet Ski, we recommend you to book a guided Jet Ski tour in Torrevieja. On these, there are specially designated areas that you are allowed to be in without a boat / Jet Ski licence. If you already have a licence you are allowed to go to popular places in Torrevieja such as Playa del Cura, Punta Prima, Mil Palmeras and other beautiful spots along the coast of Costa Blanca.
Prices for a Jet Ski tour vary depending on the length of the trip. A 30 minute Jet Ski tour costs around 70 €, the extended ones between 120 and 200 €. During a Jet Ski tour, you will often pass by popular tourist sights. Sights that you can see during a Jet Ski tour are for example, Tabarca, Puerto Tomás Maestre, La Managa and the Isla Grosa e Islas Hormigas. For the whole time being on the Jet Ski you will have to wear life jackets for your own safety.

In Torrevieja, there are many places where you can rent out a Jet Ski. The vendors are experienced and can advise you on which package suits your needs the most. Moreover, many Jet Ski vendors have modern equipment and use brands such as Kawasaki. Within our business directory, you are able to find contact details of several businesses that offer Jet Ski tours in Torrevieja. They are located centrally and are easy to get to by bus or car. Often, they offer other water sports activities such as paragliding too.

“Torrevieja Jet Ski” is a popular search term by tourists. Riding a Jet Ski is good fun and an excellent activity that you should do in Torrevieja. We personally recommend anyone, if you are up for a nice day out on the ocean, to book a Jet Ski tour in Torrevieja.

If you have any other questions, or trouble finding the right Jet Ski rental, don’t hesitate to contact us via E-mail or on Faceook at

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