Mayor from Torrevieja José Manuel Dolón García

Bürgermeisters von Torrevieja José Manuel Dolón García hier zusammen mit Stefan Eiben Inhaber von

Our Mayor – José Manuel Dolón García

Since June this year (13/06/2015) José Manuel Dolón García Los Verdes (of “The Greens” party) became the new mayor of Torrevieja. The retired banker was again the candidate for mayor for the seventh time, but he finally won this year. José Manuel Dolón got 14 votes while the outgoing mayor, Eduardo Dolon, of the people’s party, received 11 votes in total. It is important to mention that in the last 27 years, the people’s party with Eduardo Dolon ruled continuously, but now it is The Greens with José Manuel Dolón García. At least, for the next two years, until 2017, the Greens will rule with José Manuel Dolón García.

In his maiden speech, José Manuel Dolón said that, for him, politics are nothing more than a commitment to serve people and that he hoped to have the cooperation of all the people that wanted a change and wished to start this new journey. The mayor also said: “In a couple of months or in a few years we will see if this change was worth it”. He finished his speech with a call: “The future belongs to us!”

There was a big excitement in the city during this year’s election. More than a hundred people overcrowded the plenary room. There had never been so many people as this time. By showing of hands our new mayor was elected with 14 votes.

Bürgermeister von Torrevieja

– “I cannot believe it, but I trust in all the people that want to change the world” –

José Manuel Dolón knows Germany very well, as he told in the opening ceremony. He likes to spend his holidays over there and even speaks a little bit of German.