La Bocana – Lounge in Torrevieja in Marina Salina with sea view


La Bocana is a bar in Torrevieja and offers a stunning view over the sea. It is located in the Marina Salina and just a few minutes away from Torrevieja by foot. It is really easy to get to La Bocana. If you start from the „Paseo de la Libertad”, you just have to follow the pier. Even before the end of the pier you will be able to see and hear La Bocana.

During the day you can enjoy a refreshing drink or tasty food in La Bocana. Starting from beer, liquors and different wines till alcohol free drinks such as Coca Cola or Fanta, in this nicely equipped bar you can find anything. To fight the big appetite, you can order nice meals such as pizza, paella or calzone and for the smaller portions you might chose Tapas or snacks. In the daytime they play lounge music at La Bocana, that gives the bar a relaxing and pleasant atmosphere. Due to a unique sea view over the yacht harbour and the great atmosphere, a day at La Bocana will be a full success – with great food and drinks guaranteed. The bar is fully equipped and the staff fulfills all your wishes. There are several waiters working regardless of what time it is, therefore all your orders will be brought to you quickly without waiting for ages. On top of that, waiters speak different languages for instance, German, Spanish, French or English.

Also during the evening, La Bocana is a recommended bar to go to. Almost every day there are live bands and spectacular lightning in place to entertain you. Parties in La Bocana go till late after midnight. The Marina Salina offers a exceptional ambience for a great night out with friends or family. The lounge itself is equipped with summer furniture. They are arranged on a large terrace roofed with sails and that makes you feel like sitting over the ocean. There are tables for two but also bigger ones which can be booked by larger groups or families without a problem. Is it your birthday? La Bocana is a superb location to celebrate your birthday or any other occasion.

La Bocana isn’t just a Lounge / Bar but also a water sports center. Therefore you can try wakeboarding, kayaking or stand up paddling. So while you are enjoying your nice cocktail and tapas your kids can enjoy themselves in the water doing different kind of water sports.

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