La Marina


La Marina

La Marina is a picturesque tourist site on the Costa Blanca, Spain, located between Santa Pola and Alicante in the North and Guardamar Torrevieja in the south. La Marina is about 30 minutes from Alicante Airport. The urbanization La Marina is located on a hill above the fishing village of La Marina de Elche.

La Marina has indeed a lot to offer

The sandy beaches and the deep blue sea in connection with the typical white houses enchant every vacationer. For many years, La Marina is one of the favorite holiday destinations in Europe. La Marina pampers you with the best service, entertainment programs for adults and children, selected gastronomy and not least with a themed water park.

Here La Marina offers beach fun for every vacationer. There is something for every taste, colorful mountainsides, stunning beaches, beautiful landscapes, secluded bays, family-friendly beaches and good food. During a summer holiday on La Marina is a true natural spectacle opened. La Marina enchants its visitors not only with a varied landscape but also by spring-like temperatures all year round. Also, there are many opportunities to engage in sports on the La Marina. Windsurfing and scuba diving are also possible such as horseback riding, golfing, and mountain biking or hiking. There are not only hotels in all categories, but also many guests are also drawn in holiday rentals that are abundantly available.

Top Travel Tips for La Marina

La Marina has many restaurants, shops, bars, banks, medical facilities, etc. and has a regular bus service to the north and south along the coast. Everything is accessible on foot or by bus.

  • Natural Zone

The area has an exceptionally attractive coastal landscape for tourists. The swimming season begins in spring and lasts until autumn.

  • Beaches

The beach of La Marina extends about 17 kilometers from Santa Pola to Torrevieja.

  • Architecture

La Marina consists of various types of terraced houses named as Josefina, Phineas and Rosita and detached homes as Lolas and Rosas. The newer villas have very imaginative names like Fortuna, Nadine, Alicia or Oceania.

  • Ambience

La Marina has its own charm. In August many Spanish families spend their holidays with picnic gatherings in the pine woods close to the beach.

Come and see for yourself. From the unique environment in and around La Marina

Experience people and country; immerse yourself in an unforgettable holiday in the Mediterranean climate of Spain’s mainland coast.