La Mata


Strand und Cafes in La MataLa Mata is known for its natural park Parque de la Mata and the salt lakes located therein. In the park is a nature reserve, which covers an area of ??3700 ha. The very low rainfall in the amount of 300 ml / square meter and year make La Mata to an optimal destination. So also constitutes, in conjunction with the 3000 hours of sunshine a year, see a desert-like dry zone around the. isolated on the banks are eucalypts and pines. However, the main attractions of the Parque Natuarl are the two salt lakes, Laguna de La Mata and Laguna de Torrevieja. These two lagoons form a very important wetland which provides hold an exceptional climate and an equally exceptional flora and fauna.

Hikers opens up a bizarre vegetation beside the sandy and flat paths. Thousands of birds of a very special kind, such as schwarzhalsige Zampullinenten, pink white flamingos, ashen Jungadler and storks, avocets and lapwings and schwarzfüßige, you can watch from a wooden platform. There are three salt zones in which to small- salt lovers and have settled micro beings who serve, among other birds as food.
Segeln und Meer bei La Mata
But the wildlife does not end with the birds. Another species are the reptiles, such as the long-tailed lizards, Aschgrauechsen, Rotschwanzechsen and amphibians such as frogs and toads which show in the rain. In addition, tiny brine shrimp inhabit billion times the lagoon.

La Mata Strand

It is a private information center in La Mata, in which qualified personnel employed. An exhibition with distinction, acquaints the visitor with the estimator of the lagoon. For cyclists La Mata offers a cycling route of 5200 m through the southeast part of the park, along the lakes through the pine forest and past the reeds of freshwater reservoirs. However, there is also a short route for leisurely walks, at which a wonderful view opens on the lagoon along with its rich wildlife.

La Mata Tower and Plaza del Embarcadero

Located on the same Playa de La Mata beach, one finds the Plaza del Embarcadero, which is the most symbolic of this district and home to the famous Torre de La Mata tower, which was built in the 14th century. In the surrounding area you can find a tourist information center and the Iglesia de Nuestra Señora del Rosario Church. A few meters further north, on the same border with the municipality of Guardamar, is the salt pans canal, which was built in 1928 to allow water inflow from the La Mata lagoon.

The Torre de La Mata tower was built in the 14th century and is part of a group of towers that are so characteristic of the East Coast. His task was to monitor the coast and warn residents from potential attacks by pirates or Berber, but he also had a defensive function, since it had a protective wall, and thus was a fortified unit. The tower has a back door and windows with flat ceiling.