La Pedrera Reservoir


La Pedrera Reservoir

The reservoir of La Pedrera with its turquoise water is definitely part of the most beautiful destinations of Torrevieja and of the surrounding areas. This place is a big water reservoir of the Alicante province, which is located in the middle of nature. It has a capacity of 246 hm3 and is found in the inland part of Torremendo.

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This place is the ideal destination for an excursion or a bicycle tour. The paths lead to a piece of land between oranges and lemons hanging along the canal. It is easy to reach the water reservoir of the region by bicycle, therefore the journey by bicycle or an excursion around the reservoir is completely recommended, so that you can experience the diverse nature with different types of vegetation and enjoy the peaceful atmosphere and the wonderful view. By car and at only a few minutes away from the sea, you can submerge in a different landscape, which is often hilly. The blossoming almond trees, rockroses, lavenders, as well as orange and lemon trees are in the middle of nature around the reservoir. You can have a break at the elegant villa of La Pedrera and enjoy the view of the marvelous landscape with some coffee or a cake. This fantastic place is usually rented for wedding and other celebrations. Furthermore, different events regularly take place here. Besides the amazing view and the delicious food, here you can find a large selection of leisure activities, such as horse riding, quad biking, waterski, paintball and much more. If you also feel like having a refreshing bath before continuing with your activities, you can cool down in the fantastic swimming pool in Villa La Pedrera. The well-constructed paths provide a pleasant excursion or a comfortable trip by bicycle. Enjoy the silence and the beautiful view of the sea by having a picnic in the middle of nature.


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