Liqueur 43 Experience Tour – Guided tour through the liqueur factory in Cartagena, Murcia


The 43 Experience Tour, which takes about 1 to 2 hours and costs 10 €, guides the visitors through the history of the Licor 43, which originated in the distillery Diego Zamora S.A in Cartagena in the region of Murcia. During the tour you don’t just learn about the origin of the Liqueur, the history and different milestones of the company, you also will get a glimpse of the inside of the manufacturing plant. There you can see how they fill the bottles, the labelling and the packaging but also huge tanks of 20.000 litre volume where they store the liqueur 43. The 43 factory tour can be booked in various languages, for instance English, German, Spanish, Italian and French. Appointments will be made on an individual basis depending on required language and the size of the group.

Licor 43 Experience Tour in Cartagena, Murcia

The tour starts with a welcome drink, a really tasty cocktail with Licor 43 and coffe, in the Licor 43 lounge. After a small introduction you will be led through the “golden door” into the museum where you will watch an image-video of the company. After this, the tour guide will take you to different stations within the museum, where important events or information about the company and the liqueur will be conveyed to you with the help of different media and objects. For instance you will get to know, that it is presumed that the liqueur 43 originally came from the romans and is made up of 43 different ingredients. The recipe is still kept secret and only the Zamora family members know the exact ingredients. The recipe was bought from Diego Zamora in 1942. Together with his siblings, he successfully introduced the premium liqueur to the market in 1946 with his own plant in Cartagena. Diego Zamora is described as a visionary with great foresight because he practiced methods back in the days that are nowadays taught in several marketing books. For instance he knew how to segment his market into different target groups. He shipped out 50.000 ice crushers to different bars and restaurants with his branding in order to arouse interest for his liqueur 43 cocktails. Furthermore you can see how he adopted the look and appearance of his bottles and the packaging to meet his target group at the given time.

After you learned about the history you will get a glimpse of the factory plant. More than 9000 bottles can be produced per hour and in 2015 more than 8.000.000 bottles were sold, of these more than 1.000.000 were shipped to Germany who is hence the biggest importer of Licor 43. Within the factory you can see different workstations and the production line, different production stages will be explained to you in depth. For instance you will get to know that different vintages of the liqueur 43 will be mixed together to ensure that a continuous taste and colour of the liqueur will be met. Even though the liqueur 43 is the most famous liqueur of the company, there are others, for instance the Licor 43 Orochata. After you saw the factory`s inside, you will experience “the cube” which is sort of a cinema in which you will watch another film about the premium Licor 43. At the end you will get 2 more cocktails in the liqueur 43 lounge and are able to buy some souvenirs in the Licor 43 shop.

Contact details and directions

More information can be found under The liqueur factory of 43 can be reached within an hour´s drive from Torrevieja by car.

Calle Silicio nº10
Polígono Industrial Los Camachos
30369 Cartagena

Tel.:34 968 030 188