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Murcia City trips

Murcia with about 600,000 inhabitants is an impressive city in the east of Spain and just 30 kilometers from the Mediterranean Sea. It is among the 10 largest cities in Spain and is the capital of the province of Murcia. Murcia is a city of Arab origin, located next to the River Segura. The tower of the cathedral you can already see from a distance, it is one of the landmarks of the city. Murcia is worth the whole year a city break, as the mild temperatures of the Mediterranean Spain take the whole year over, a cold winter or a rainy autumn, as it is known from northern Europe, there are not in Murcia in southern Spain.

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The Murcia region was inhabited more than 2,000 years ago, the city of Murcia itself, however, was only founded in 831. Today in the city are to be seen many remains and monuments of its Arab past. Particularly interesting are the architectural remains of the second residence of the Arab rulers – the Real Almunia. Also remains of the Islamic city walls have been preserved in various places of the old town of Murcia. The old town center of Murcia is retiring at Segura along old streets, such as the shopping streets Platería, Trapería and Vidrieros. The new city of Murcia is especially interesting for shopping. The market hall, a great attraction, is located here. It is a typically Spanish place. From fresh fish to meat to the delicious fruits and vegetables, there is everything and always fresh.

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To visit the many attractions in Murcia can best begin your tour at the great cathedral in the center. It is the most important and most interesting building in Murcia. The Santa Maria cathedral dates from the late 14th century, but the remarkable baroque facade with its rich sculptural decoration dates back to the 18th century. The Baroque style is found again in Murcia to several religious buildings as the church La Merced, the convent church of Santa Ana and the churches Santo Domingo, San Nicolás and San Miguel. On the large square in front of the Santa Maria cathedral are other interesting buildings such as the Palacio Episcopal or the School of Theatre and Dance. Likewise, you will find the tourist information center of Murcia.

Teatro de Romea

The most visited attraction of Murcia is undoubtedly the casino. It is no ordinary casino but a traditional club of wealthy citizens of Murcia. Who runs this definitely belongs to the upper class of Murcia. Admission is free for visitors and you can admire the noble spaces like the library reading room or the ballroom. Well known are the huge and beautiful chandeliers in the casino. Sumptuously is an understatement here. A visit to the casino is a must when booking your trip to Murcia. Worthwhile sights of Murcia are also the buildings of the 19th century, such as the town hall and the theater Romea.

The central street in the historic part of Murcia, the pedestrian street Via Traperia, it starts right behind the cathedral and you can not miss it. The extension of the Via Traperia northbound is the street of Murcia. The Gran Via Alfonso X El Sabio invites you to stroll and shop. In this street you will also find the Archaeological Museum, the entry is free. In the Archaeological Museum remains of different cultures are shown, which were settled in this area. Among other things, you will find a treasure consisting of Muslim and Christian coins. Other museums of Murcia are the Museum Salzillo (sculptor from Murcia), Museo de Bellas Artes (Fine Arts Museum), Museo de la Ciudad Murcia (City Museum), Museo de la Universidad, Museo de Santa Claro (another Art Museum), Museo Ramon Gaya (a painter from Murcia) and the Museo Hidraulico (art museum focusing hydropower) and many more.