Nature Park Molino del Aqua


A beautiful day on the beach in La Mata/Torrevieja.

Here you can take many times long walks through the park and along the beach. There is a really long promenade that runs along the beach, with lots of chiringuitos and restaurants that you can visit. In La Mata there is a beautiful white sand beach with a length of about 2.5 kilometers and a width of about 40 meters. Of course, this well-kept beach is excellent with its crystal clear water with the “Blue Flag”, this stands for the cleanliness of the beach and is a sign of quality.

La Mata is one of the most popular Spanish villages on the Mediterranean coast, and despite the great popularity still remains very Spanish. Here you won’t find high skyscraper and big hotels. The salt concentration of the Salinas and the mild temperatures give La Mata, a very special and healthy microclimate, which is doing very well for your health as any doctor will recommend. Do it for yourself and improve your health with a holiday in La Mata on the Mediterranean. On average La Mata enjoys 320 sunny days per year and an average daily temperature of 19 ° C. The temperatures in July and August are usually around 30 ° C. Many tourists prefer the months of April, May, June, September, October and November. During this time the weather cannot be perfect, just about right, pleasant temperatures and sunny days.

Highly recommended is a walk through the water park Parque del Molino Aqua. This is located on one side of the beach in the sand dunes. A beautiful restaurant (Queen Mississippi), which resembles a ship, with excellent food invites anyone for dinner, after a long walk through the water park lovingly landscaped and well maintained, you can end the day relaxed.

Festungsanlage in Cartagena

Abwehranlagen Bateria de Conejos und Bateria Aguilones in Cartagena

Rund um Cartagena befinden sich unterschiedliche Festungsanlagen und Geschütztürme am Meer, um die Stadt zu...
Bateria de Conejos in Cartagena

Batería de Aguilones in Cartagena

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Bateria de Conejos in Cartagena

Batería de Conejos in Cartagena

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Wunderschöner Wasserfall Rio Mundo in Riopar bei Albacete

Der imposante Wasserfall in Riopar bei Albacete, liegt fast 2,5 Stunden von Torrevieja entfernt, doch...
Nacimiento Rio Mundo in Riopar

Großer Wasserfall bei Albacete in Riopar Nacimiento Rio Mundo

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