Naturopathy practice, Alternative Therapy and Homeopathy in Torrevieja


For many Germans, Spain has become their adoptive home. That’s no wonder when year-round sunshine and anytime a mild and pleasant Mediterranean climate is here waiting for you. Despite occasional health problems still crop up, even on such a wonderful place like Torrevieja on the Costa Blanca. Who prefers alternative practitioner to general doctors in Germany and also wishes an homeopathic treatment, of course, also wants to do so the same in Spain. This is not a problem because in Torrevieja and its surroundings there are some alternative medical practitioners. With us on you can see where which naturopathy practitioner is located in and around Torrevieja.

What actually does an alternative practitioner? An alternative practitioner is the one who uses traditional medicine. He diagnoses and treats diseases. For this he mainly uses methods of naturopathy, traditional medicine and alternative medicine. Naturopaths supply the medical services of the alternative medicine. The areas of activity but also the limitations of the profession are held in German Alternative Medical Practitioners Act. This also determines the conditions which must be met in order to be called and alternative medical practitioner. Because the profession of alternative practitioners is protected, for example in Germany, and may be exercised only with government permission.

Alternative practitioners and naturopathic physicians

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The main area of alternative practitioners is treatment of physical and mental suffering. They consider body and soul as a whole system. Diseases and distress are caused by a malfunction of this complete system. To locate this disturbance and rectify it, they elaborate, on the basis of a thorough medical history and diagnostic, an appropriate individual therapy for each patient. In contrast to conventional medicine, they just use alternative healing methods. Homeopathy plays a major role.

Unlike in Germany, you must pay in Spain your medical bill on the spot and in cash or by credit card. You can then submit the bill to your health insurance and eventually you get a partial refund. However, those who have a private insurance (travel insurance), can be sure to get the money refunded. It is best if the doctor writes in his statement that it was severe. But how high is the medical fees of an alternative practitioners in Spain? There is not detailed specifications for this purpose in Spain, as in Germany, but only minimum fee recommendations of the Medical Association. Thus, it is important to consider an excessive fee bills, otherwise it would be reported ruinous price battles. The appropriate balance is likely to be in an orientation at the German doctor’s fee scale.

Going to an alternative practitioner is nothing peculiar for many people. Maybe acupressure or Globoli beads might help in one or the other. Many people put their hope, in any case, in these treatments and homeopathy. In Germany alone, therefore, some 20,000 Alternative practitioners are reported. Quite as many are not in Spain, but you will also find on the Costa Blanca. No need to sacrifice anything in your adopted home. If you are yourself a naturopathic practitioner in Torrevieja and its surroundings, you can enter in Then take this information and feel free to contact us.