Parque Natural de La Mata and Torrevieja


The salt lakes of La Mata and Torrevieja extend over Parque de la Mata and Torrevieja.

The nature park of Laguna de La Mata and Torrevieja is a protected area of 3700 ha. Less than 3000 millimeters of rainfall are measured here during the whole year. An arid and desert-like zone is formed at the salt lake due to the 3000 sunny hours a year. There are crooked pines and eucalyptus trees on the banks. The two main attractions in Parque Natural are the salt lakes: Laguna de Torrevieja and Laguna de La Mata. The lakes form an important humid zone with an exceptional weather and a particular flora and fauna. The sandy paths reveal to the tourists a bizarre plant life. A wooden viewpoint gives you the opportunity to observe thousands of different birds: pink flamingos, black-necked grebes, storks, pied avocets, gray eagles, and black lapwings. Little and microorganisms have established in these areas whose salt serve them as food. The forest and the reed bed zones offer shelter to birds like the black “chickadees”, shrikes and other passerine birds. Another zoological group is reptiles that live mostly in the saltworks, such as the long-tailed lizard, the red-tailed lizard, the ash-gray lizard, and amphibians like frogs and toads, which come up when it rains. Cranes, rabbits and weasels also say “buenas noches”. Milliards of little brine shrimps inhabit the lakes of Torrevieja. These are little red crustaceans of the zoological type of artemia salina, which create a spectacle of nature in the surface of the water during several days and on hundreds of hectares when they shimmer in a deep red color. For nature lovers, who enjoy long walks and breathing fresh air, this nature park is the perfect destination. In La Mata, there is an information center with qualified personnel. An amazing exhibition shows the visitors the treasures of the lagoon. A bike path goes along 5200 meters of the southeast area of the park and through the pine forest and reeds with a fresh water reservoir (yes, freshwater!). However, if you prefer going slower, you can go on foot through the short route. Here you can have a wonderful view of the Lagoon of La Mata, of the vineyard, and particularly of the varied bird life. Analyze the differences and similarities, colors, and forms of the fascinating natural world.

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