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The physiotherapist Martin Zaic has been at the Costa Blanca for more than 12 years now. Since then, the physiotherapy office has been growing constantly – always with the objective to provide the best service and treatment possible. Aside from the physiotherapy, the service package has been extended. Nowadays osteopathy, chiropody, orthopaedic shoe inserts and a physical rehabilitation centre can be found within our service range.

The concept of Physio-Fit is made up of individual plans catered to the specific issues of a client, plenty of time for every client and a comprehensive screening in order to apply tailored treatments. “Majority of our work is handwork” says Martin Zaic, who has studied physical therapy at the “Hogeschool van Utrecht” in the Netherlands and at the University of Applied Sciences Fresenius in Germany. “Due to a combination of manipulative therapy, massages, acupuncture or dry needling we get the best results for our patients. Before that happens, every single patient is being screened comprehensively, so we can craft an individual treatment plan for the client.

Physio-Fit treatments

“We treat all physical disorders and complaints, for instance, backache, neck pain and joint pain such as osteoarthritis. Too, we have a training room with equipment to conduct machine-supported medical gymnastic – ideal for the rehabilitation after a knee or hip surgery. Many clients, who had a surgery in either Spain or in Germany, come to us to receive a competent follow-up treatment. For these patients we have an individually tailored follow-up treatment plan. Those usually start with lymph drainage and continue with therapeutic exercises and a manual therapy.

Besides the usual symptoms that make someone go to a manual therapy, Physio-Fit also treats complaints and discomforts where you wouldn’t normally see a physiotherapist for. For instance, migraine, tinnitus and jaw pain are also complaints that belong to cranio-sacral dysfunctions. Martin Zaic is a trained cranio-sacral therapy expert and can fix these complaints.

All staff members of Physio-Fit are multilingual and regularly take part in educational trainings inland and abroad to be up to date with modern treatment methods.

With more than 350 square metres, generous treatment rooms, modern training equipment and qualified staff, Physio-Fit meets all legal requirements and applies treatments according to modern standards. Therefore, you can get your costs for a treatment refunded by your health insurance.

Our physiotherapy office is easy to find and there are loads of parking spots available in front of the establishment.

More information about Physio-Fit, treatment methods and complaints we can fix, can be found on the Website of Physio-Fit Also you are more than welcome to call +34 965 352 680. Physio-Fit’s staff is happy to answer your call in any language.

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