Property management in Torrevieja and surroundings


Are you an owner of a property in Torrevieja and only want to use your home temporarily or rent your house permanently to tourists? That’s no problem; there are in Torrevieja property managers, who can take care of your property. A property management company assumes, for example, the house rental, hand-over-keys, cleaning and much more.

Property managers

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If you have rented your own property before, then you know how important a trustworthy local contact for guests is. The holiday guest services and housekeeping is taken over by property managers. They take care of all transactions, while ensuring a high level of utilization of your property. So you do not have to worry about it and you do not even need to be in Spain.

What do property managers offer you in Torrevieja for the next Holiday Rental? Here at you can get an overview. Its services include the general maintenance around the house, giving the impression that this property is inhabited or is under constant surveillance. Energy monitoring and supervision of disposals such as water, gas, electricity, garbage, locking systems and also sweeping work around your property and even more. During the time in which the property is uninhabited, is aired, the WC, bathrooms, and kitchen equipment are flushed to prevent the drying up of valves and odor traps. Occurrence of pests and humidity are monitored; control of water and gas pipes to prevent pipe bursts, gas valve and hose care. The removal of leaves, scrub, sand, etc. on the terraces after storms is as important as cleaning the drains to prevent clogging.

What can all happen at a force majeure? Nature does not stop at the sunny Spain. Strong rainstorms set pools, murals and walls in motion, particularly affecting properties in hillsides, for example, by clogging overhead lines. It may occur water leaks in basements, but also inside the living area and on-grid equipment might break its service during power outages. So you do not have to worry about your property in Spain while you are probably in Germany, you just have to trust your property to a property management company in Torrevieja. With us on you get a selection of property managers in Torrevieja and its surroundings. If you are an administrator and an active property manager in Torrevieja, then you are welcome to register with us.

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