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With the kind permission of the owner Klaus, we will publish his nice thank-you letter. He describes here the quick response that his advertisement got on

This is the e-mail of Raumwerk Torrevieja:

Before the new portal, my advertisements were limited to company vehicles, some local newspapers from time to time, and obviously business cards.

However, the word of mouth advertising was the most helpful way to reach people. But when I heard that our new city portal was ready and had a look at the Company SEO-Costa, it was clear to me that I wanted to post my advertisement on the Internet for the first time.

When a person looks for a tradesman, they do not go on the newspapers. The new generation goes directly online. I have seen my children and my wife doing it every day. When you look for something, you search it on Google. The smartphone is way closer than a magazine.

I had never had my own website until now. I let SEO Costa created it for me and I have received great comments from my clients and partners. The best part is that the website is multilingual!

But let me go back to the actual topic:

The review of my company was online only during two days when someone called me to place the first order. I was totally surprised at how quick it worked.

I thought it would surely take a couple of months, but not just a few days.

Some days later I received an enquiry call from a couple from Germany that were going to Orihuela Costa the following month. But yesterday I got another request from Torrevieja, so I wanted to thank you very much and send you this message, which can also be published.

Not only could I look for potential clients in Torrevieja and the surrounding areas, but also call and make appointments with owners of vacation houses from Germany.

Feel free to call me and if it is about more jobs, then even better.

I wish you a lot of success and I thank you very much for the great opportunity to present my tradesman business here.

Klaus Pantelis