Stand up paddle


Stand up paddle boarding, SUP abbreviated, is a fantastic sport for young and old, that is also available in Torrevieja in the beach of La Florida. It can be practiced with the friendly couple, Marc and Natalia.

This sport is done on the lake, in a stand up position on a light wide board and using a long paddle.

Stand up paddle torrevieja

This watersport is offered since 2013 in Costa Blanca, on the beach of La Florida/Punta Prima, near La Zenia.

We tried it ourselves and experienced it in a beautiful morning at the calm sea.

Only a short training is needed, then you will be ready to go. Stand up paddle boarding is an activity for all the family. Neither physique nor strength is decisive, you will quickly get a good sense of balance following some good tips and using the wide boards.

The view is magnificent.

Stehpaddeln sup in Torrevieja

We started at 9 am on a Thursday. There was not much to do on the beach; the sun was shining golden bright, and the transparent water allowed us to have a clear view of the bottom.

Any other swim gear will not be required in order to see the coast of Cabo Roig from another point of view. On this way to the bay, you will be able to see hidden beaches and stretches of coast, which are not visible from the land.

In opposite to other surf sports, wind is not a relevant factor; hence this water sport can be practiced any time. Anyone who likes being athletic, going on fast trips and wants to relax while enjoying the view of the sea, paddling is the way to go.

As a team building activity, stand up paddle is the ideal sport, such as a part of an excursion with friends or as lasting memory for a birthday. The price is very cheap as well, compared to other water sports. For only 25 euros, you can learn paddle boarding under the instructions of professional trainers, for example, when there is a group of four people.

The trained team of Sun Sea Adventures offers courses for beginners regularly, as well as tours for advanced and professional people. It is also possible to rent boards along with paddles and wet suits.

Torrevieja stand up paddle surf und sup.

After consultation, there could be tours up to 16 people somewhere else. Marc Ruttledge and Natalia Wolak will come along with their equipment to every place in the surrounding areas. Tip: You can ask to cross the reservoir by doing stand-up paddling, or you can ask Marc to go to hidden places, caves or to a place with lots of fish.

Do not be surprised if after the first day all your muscles ache. Even though, you do not notice how fast times flies when you are on the board, this activity is healthy and effective for all your body, especially for the torso area.

We definitely recommend it. We were surprised at how fast people improve, so we will be doing stand-up paddling again very soon.

Recent information, pictures and prices can be found on their Facebook page and on their website.

By the way, in Hawaii, where surfing was invented, stand-up paddling was only reserved to the king and a selected group of people. Try it out and tell us about your experience.

Stand up paddle

Extra information: Before this article was posted online, we decided to book a session of stand-up paddling again because we had a lot of fun last time. In this opportunity, we went paddling at11 am. We recommend starting at 9 am if it is your first time going stand-up paddling, because at that time the sea is calmer and there is practically no wind. At 11 am, there are some light waves and you can feel a bit of wind. On the second day, we could manage the board very well and we could paddle back and forth to the coast of Punta Prima until Playa Nudista/Maxx Fitness. It was a fun and varied squad, and we finally stopped off with a glass of sangria near Chiringuito. We also shared our Facebook contact information so we can plan future tours.

With these tours of Sun Sea Adventure, you end up making new acquaintances and friends.

And we are completely sure we will be going stand-up paddling many other times with Marc and Nati.

If you have a business or offer some type of service that we can introduce to our big community, then send us an e-mail to: / Britta

Short video of us going stand-up paddling on the beach:


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Stand up paddle

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