Generally, taxis can be found in their designated areas, but some of them are often near the town hall, the town center, bus stops, the local police station, health centers, and in different residential areas. Moreover, they always stay on the roadside when there are events, or in front of bars and clubs. There is a minimum charge for every journey on taxi, plus a kilometer cost. The price for every trip will be shown on the taximeter. Journeys inside the city will not exceed 20 euros. When looking at the roof of the taxi, you will see the illuminated display that shows whether the taxi is free or not. The communication with taxi drivers is not a problem for those who do not speak Spanish well, as long as you know the street or any other place nearby, such as a school or a gas station.

The minimum charge for a taxi journey is about 3.50 euros. A trip to the airport or to the Alicante station costs about 60 to 80 euros. Just arrange the time and the exact meeting point early enough. We have already experienced that a taxi company gets the time of 8 am wrong, and then the driver arrives later.

Radio Taxi Torrevieja:
96 571 22 77 – 96 571 10 26
Tele Taxi Torrevieja:
900 44 40 00


Centro comercial Carrefour
Centro Comercial Habaneras
Centro de salud La Loma
Calle Caballero de Rodas
Calle Maria Parodi
Calle Tomillo
Cafeteria Magani
Estación de Autobuses
Hospital San Jaime
Hotel Eden Rock
Hospital de Torrevieja
La Mata
Policia Local
Paseo de la Libertad
Urbanización La Siesta
Urbanización El Palmeral
Urbanización Aguas Nuevas
Urbanización Cabocervera
Urbanización La Veleta
Urbanización Rocio del Mar