Telitec Business Brunch at El Rancho in Los Montesinos


The Telitec Business Brunch at El Rancho Los Montesinos is a networking meeting of businessmen from this area.

Telitec Business Brunch

Are you self-employed, have a company or are bidding on a service? Then you learn here in a very nice atmosphere many like-minded know. Organized by Sandi Beattie / Telitec Meeting brings an automatically with all people this week.

The aim is that here sympathetic businessmen with supplementary services and their customers can give good, reputable recommendations for other issues in the future and you can complement and help each other.

Geschäftskontakte knüpfen

English is the predominant language in this business brunch, but the participants are so varied as well as the services. Web designers, photographers, financial services, real estate agent, accountant, insurance agent, yoga trainers, craftsmen and other sectors are here in experience.

From 10:00 am the meeting will be held at 1 coffee before it comes around 11 am for breakfast.


10 Euro will be charged at a flat rate, where coffee, tea and breakfast are included.

Reliable, reputable contacts are the lifeblood of many businesses. Being able to give good recommendations to be able to rely on each other and to benefit from the experience of other entrepreneurs belong to the objective of this breakfast meetings. In the Telitec Business brunch you can put yourself, introduce your company and quickly close meaningful collaborations.

Really a great event that you each business owner can put your heart.

New dates will be posted here in the future. Every business owner, service Freelancer is welcome!

Telitec is a communications company for fast Internet, mobile, telephony and TV in Spain.

El Rancho is a rustic restaurant with large pool and many facilities for relaxation: horse riding, sauna, massage, fitness/gym, dancing, Zumba, yoga and bowling.