Torre del Moro


Tourist Lookout on the Torre del Moro (Moorish tower)

Located in the nearby district of La Mata, there is at Cape Cervera a viewpoint over 23,000 square meters, where the old Cervera Cape tower, generally known by locals as Torre del Moro (Moorish tower); it was built in the 14th century. From here you can enjoy one of the most spectacular views:

If you look to the N-NW, you can see the Tabarca island, and if you look towards S-SO, you will discover the nearby province of Murcia, the Mar Menor Sea and Isla Grosa island as reference points. On dry and windy days, the moisture disappears from the atmosphere and you can even see the windmills in the mountains La Union. From this vantage point, there are paths to the interior, where you can walk, and there is a sculpture dedicated to tourists, children’s games and two small cottages, reconstructions of old town houses.

But what makes this vantage point to something really special is the reconstruction of the old watchtower that has stood here previously; that is the Torre del Moro (Moorish tower). Its main task was to monitor the coastline, to warn of potential attacks by pirates or Berber, which often occurred in the 14th century. This tower has a diameter of nine meters and has undergone many changes throughout its history.


Windmühle Molino La Calera

Molino La Calera die Windmühle in Santa Pola

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Leuchtturm Faro de Cabo Palos

Leuchtturm Faro de Cabo de Palos bei La Manga

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Leuchtturm La Manga

Fotos vom Leuchtturm Cabo de Palos bei La Manga in Murcia

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Leuchtturm von Santa Pola

Leuchtturm Santa Pola – Faro De Santa Pola Wanderwege und Ausflugsziel

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Turm vigia del Pinet

Torre vigía del Pinet

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