Torre Escaletes in Santa Pola


Torre Escaletas in Santa Pola

This watchtower stands in the north, the Cape of Santa Pola, near Alicante and was established in 1552, built under the reign of Philip II. The Escaletes tower, also known as Torre i Pep is built circular and about eight feet high. Its main function was to monitor the maritime sector; special attention was paid to enemy ships, which were able to hide in the nearby island of Tabarca. In this case, immediate warnings to the Atalaiola tower and the castle-fortress of Santa Pola should be sent.

The watchtower is located on a mountain, a spur of the Sierra de Santa Pola. To visit the Torre Escaletas, you drive either the mountain by car up, but it is very narrow and curvy, or should be sporty and take the many small steps that lead directly up. However, the rise is worthwhile in any case; from the top you have a fantastic view over the whole coast and on the island of Tabarca.

Torre Escaletes: Pep Turm Avenue.


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