Torre del Tamarit


Torre Tamarit

This watchtower is situated in Santa Pola, it was built in 1552 under the reign of Philip II. It was once the monitoring to detect the enemy in time. The Torre Tamarit, also known as the Torre de las Salinas, is square and is located between the Torre del Pinet and the castle-fortress of Santa Pola. The main function of Torre Tamarit was not to monitor the coast but to communicate with the towers of Elche and to monitor the salt. The white gold was and is very valuable and had been earlier considered as a treasure to be guarded. The Torre Tamarit served to defend the entrance of the lagoon.

Tower of Tamarit, owned by Bras del Port SA, located at an exceptional place, in one of the lagoons of the Natural Park of the Salinas de Santa Pola. This area distinguishes the nearby sea salt lagoons, fresh water and its permanently flooded outlying areas. The flora and fauna has adapted to the conditions of humidity and high salinity. Particularly spectacular are the countless pink flamingos; there are thousands of flamingos that have their source of food here.

This watchtower is located directly on the national road N332, from there you can well admired it. Forbidden access! In a small parking bay, very close to the tower stand some information boards, from which you can learn more about the salt, know the history as well as the flora and fauna.

Torre del Tamarit: Ctra N-332


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