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You are a tourist or resident in Torrevieja and are looking for a veterinarian for your pet? Then you are on the right spot with Here is a selection of doctors from the Torrevieja region, because in Torrevieja there are plenty of vets. While these are not always top modern facilities, such as in Germany, but of course these doctors have all studied and thus know what they are doing. With domestic problems they even know them better than if you rushed back from vacation to your own vet for a consult. Of course, a vet visit in Spain is not free and such treatment will cost you money. Generally, it is useful, if you are not able to speak Spanish, to visit a German veterinarian or at least one that understands or speaks English.

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Your dog has a thing stuck into its paw, stops eating or has sore eyes? These are just some examples of a visit to the vet. But what if the horse you have in Spain has a health problem, such as a sudden colic? In and around Torrevieja there are many good animal or veterinary surgeons, you can give your dog in good conscience into the hands of the Spanish doctors. If you are looking for a small animal practice or a veterinarian, you say that in Spanish Veterinario or Clínica Veterinaria.

In case your pet on a Sunday, holidays or after office hours feels bad, then that’s no problem, all you need is a cell phone. An emergency number is given at the veterinary practices, often the central helpline. Select this number and then tell the people on the phone the Abonado number which should also be written on the outside veterinarian. Often the head office staff speaks several languages, but at least English. Sometimes you are asked to choose their geographical location and which is the health problem. Then the headquarters of the veterinarian will be informed and will be released within a shorter deadline. In many practices, the phone numbers of the veterinarian are with us and they may call on the doctor right away. You need not to worry, it is you or your pet in all respects helped.

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