Virtual Reality Cinema in the shopping center La Zenia Boulevard in Torrevieja


The latest 3D movies cinemas are impressive. The new virtual reality cinemas of Mental Worlds, where the viewer not only gets a 3D glasses and has the canvas in front of him/her, but also gets virtual reality glasses with headphones, which allows him/her a full round of arrange and action through a joystick itself.

One feels in the middle and experienced the movie up close. And by close it is meant as one, because the new VR Cinema in La Zenia Boulevard currently offers two movies. A rollercoaster film (Roller Coaster) at which you pass through a beautiful landscape on the beach ride with wild animals and pirate ships, and a horror movie.

As the seat moves accordingly, you have to drive feeling that you really are on a rollercoaster and feel the same effect on your stomach.

The horror film again has really something! You assume the role of a wheelchair user, who must find the way through a house full of zombies. Using a joystick on the chair to determine the direction and drive freely through the room while you are attacked by the undead. We do not want to reveal more at this point. Horror movies in virtual reality are definitely not for the faint of heart and they are an extraordinary experience, because this film has yet another feature that will “surprise”.

New VR movies will be available in the coming months in VR movie of Mental Worlds. In the photos you can see the cinema with moving chairs, including built-in control unit.

Although such equipment is already available for private households, high-resolution VR goggles are still quite expensive. The range of VR movies and VR games has greatly expanded in the coming years and it is only a matter of time before this new technique will be under the Christmas tree.

Virtual Reality Cinema in the shopping center La Zenia Boulevard in Torrevieja. Experience Virtual reality itself by VR goggles, movies, and deals in the shopping center La Zenia.