Water reservoir and dam in Guadalest


Embassament de Guadalest, the dam / reservoir from Guadalest, is one of the most popular water reservoirs in the area around Torrevieja and Alicante. From the beautiful and old castle in Guadalest you have an amazing view over the reservoir and due to the great scenery this place is a perfect destination for a day trip.

From Torrevieja, the dam can be reached in about 75 minutes by car. You have to go in direction to Benidorm and then turn land inwards. We would recommend you to combine this trip with another sight in this area. For instance, you could visit the castle of Guadalest or the astonishing waterfalls “Las Fuentes del Algar. Also the dinosaur park is close by and on the way back you could visit Benidorm or Alicante.

Therefore you should make good use of the whole day and see different sights in a row. The historic village Guadalest offers great motives and sceneries for photographers. On days with great weather you can even see the Mediterranean See so don’t leave your camera at home.

If you love the nature, there are many hiking paths in this area with great views over the reservoir and the castle. Hiking paths can be up to 9 kilometres long and it will take 2 to 3 hours in order to go around the water reservoir. On one of the photos in the gallery you can even see a turtle swimming in the crystal blue water.

Beneath the photos you can see a map with coordinates, these will lead you directly to the dam and water reservoir. Not far away from there you can find the lookout.

Coordinates of the water reservoir / dam 38°40’44.2″N 0°11’32.4″W bzw. 38.678937, -0.192334.

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