Working in Spain


You can ask for the form E303 (PDU2-document) in the employment agency in Germany, in order to look for a job in an EU country, for example, in Spain. With that, you also have the option to take (almost all) the unemployment benefit to Europe. With this stamped form from the employment agency, you can register and look for a job in the employment office in Spain (INEM) and present the form E303 (PDU2- document) from Germany. Now you have three months to find a job in Spain, and you will also continue receiving the unemployment benefit from Germany during that time. In case the time is not enough, you can extend it maximum for other three months, in agreement with your case worker. It is better to start looking for a job on time, and not after the first three months end, because it gets more difficult with the extension of time. For this, you would just need to call your case worker in Germany. As a general rule, the time extension is of three months, but a total extension of six months is at discretion of the case worker. If things do not work out during this time, you can go back to Germany. There must be, of course, a general claim in Germany. After the visit and with the presentation of the form E 303 (PDU2- document) from Germany presented at the Spanish employment office INEM, the German employment benefit will normally continue to be paid in your German bank account during the requested time.

The following requirements are necessary for the approval of the employment benefit transfer to Europe:

  • Take care of everything on time and plan your departure completely. A fix date is needed.

  • Discuss everything in advance with your case worker of the employment agency in Germany.

  • Bring all the important documents (PDU2- document) and submit all of them on time.

  • Note that you need to register first as a job seeker in Germany for at least a month before a transfer of the money can take place in Europe.

  • The employment agency will ask you to give reasons for moving overseas. These reasons can be, for example, a reunification of the family, because your parents or your spouse’s parents live over there. Another reason can be a change of the place of employment with a permanent position and contract in Europe, for example in Spain.

  • After your departure, you have 7 workdays to register in the Spanish employment office (INEM) and to submit the form E 303 (PDU2-document). This will confirm your stay and will settle the connection with Germany, and you will not need to do anything else. However, if you do not register on time in the employment office in Spain, you will lose your claim.